Thursday, April 14, 2011

voodoo funk (w/ sipreano)

*hey good folks, i'm playing rex (soul, funk, reggae, and psych) at this upcoming event (saturday, may 7)!!! for those who don't know, voodoo funk (aka frank gossner) is a serious record collector. over the years (and w/ much time, money, travel, and effort on his part) he has excavated a HUGE amount of long forgotten culture from africa and is ready (and willing) to share it w/ the world. DJ frank will play original vinyl, the likes of which you've never heard before. you know all of the african funk and psychedelic reissues that you bug out over at your local record store??? well, frank will be dropping original copies of these soulful slabs (and much more from the vaults). afro funk, mandingue, highlife, afrobeat and some sizzling nigerian disco. DO NOT MISS THIS VANCOUVER!!!


  1. if i can't be there in body, i'll be there in spirit... (damn!)

  2. the moral of this story??? never lend your headphones to a sweaty german who wears way too much cologne!!!