Thursday, March 31, 2011

top of the pops

*would somebody please post a "twelve-sided dice" vid??? top of the pops though??? oh man... YES!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

history of dance #3


what can i say, history of dance #3 at the waldorf hotel (friday, april 1)!!! this edition sees a room switcheroo for the city limits posse. jason lev (truth is light) and house music pioneer farley jackmaster funk are pumping out the jams in the cabaret so dancing bear and myself will get all scholarly in the library. super stoked to try out the klipsch set up and run some ill visuals for the heads... don't miss HOD #3!!!

don't stop the dance...

laid so low (tears roll down)

sipreano nel shirt ¥14,700

*never did get one of these namesake beauts, but i'll be wearing my OG sandino plaid flannel till the end of time...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

tonite!!! w/ TSM and cesar banares!!!

gonna rock it hard tonite at the tiki bar... the stunt man will open the evening from 8 - 9:30 pm and then east vancouver legend cesar banares will rep w/ ol' sip here till 2 am... we need your support folks. please join us in celebration. spring is here!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

skip tracer (1977) vancouver screening!!!

skip tracer is an oddball canadian film shot in vancouver during the late 1970's. despite its many merits (acting, atmosphere, subtext, score), the movie never caught on w/ a widespread audience and disappeared into the cinematic ether. though it did surface on VHS w/ an alternative title in the 1980's (deadly business), skip tracer has yet to see an official DVD release... oh yeah, it's about a repo man!!! it's good. heavy vibes...

be sure to catch a rare public screening of this unsung masterpiece at the pacific cinematheque tomorrow night (march 24, 7:00 pm) presented by notable CDN author michael turner (hard core logo) w/ a possible appearance from skip tracer lead actor, david petersen.

YES!!! go see it!!! i'll be in the back row...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

expose yourself (powell river)...

just got back from three life affirming days on the sunshine coast w/ "hot body" and dancing bear... we left early saturday morning to catch the first langdale bound ferry out of horseshoe bay and were followed along the journey by some heavy rainfall. still, by the time we pulled out of saltery bay en-route to powell river (aka "the power," sipreano ©) things were clearing up—hope!!! guess they call it the "sunshine coast" for a reason, eh??? excited by the promise of a super full moon that evening, we began enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes (quality foods represent!!!) of the region in preparation for the BIG event: expose yourself-an exhibition for exhibitionists. hosted at the future home of townsite brewing, the party not only featured a breadth of multi-media erotic art, but pole dancing, artisan crafts, a live performance by local supergroup godz ballz, food, drink, and even an oyster bar... yunno, the recipe for a good time!!! kamandi, dancing bear, and yours truly provided the vinyl soundtrack along w/ local DJ the chad. w/o spilling all of our dirty little secrets (*please join the caravan for the next go round!!!), here are some snaps of our trip in sacrifice to the voluntary in nature altar...

1. upon arrival (kamandi's backyard)

2. the shack

3. quality foods (aka heaven)

4. expose yourself

5. dancing bear (pineapple power) and kamandi (the phantom)

6. dancing bear and sipreano (over/trench coat)

7. aftermath

8. hard to say goodbye

rico (kinks version)

Monday, March 21, 2011

cratery crew (the blend, strombo show)

wowzers... the strombo show is KILLING it w/ the blend series!!!
they've even enlisted toronto's very own cratery crew (kaewonder, acree, and DJ serious) for a mix...
david suzuki into london experimental jazz quartet??? whut??? 
peep the link below...

*toronto heads best check the monthly cratery parties out... don't sleep!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bolivia/maybe i'm crazy

*i think laid back are worthy of a special post one of these days. their music, to me, represents the key... to all the BS... to all the troubles of the world... i kid you not... keep watching this space...

Monday, March 14, 2011

this thursday!!!

*gonna rep a HEAVY thin lizzy set this week at the tiki bar for st. patrick's day... all 12 studio albums end-to-end in celebration!!! very bummed to be missing destroyer at the commodore, but i'll survive. come by after the show for a pint. see you soon amigos!!!


*props dancing bear!!! the POWER is calling...

powell river (march 19)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

stay strong friends (our thoughts are w/ you)...

HK B.B.Q. master

HK B.B.Q. master
4651 no 3 road
richmond, b.c.

YES!!! this place has brought much joy to my life over the long vancouver winter and i wanna share the link. HK B.B.Q. master is located beneath the no 3 road canadian superstore in a netherworld of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and small businesses. parking is a bit of a drag, but be patient, the reward is great... unlike many chinese food spots w/ bible-sized menus, there is a strict focus to the options available and no significant vegetarian items (unless a plate of steaming white rice w/ chili sauce or steamed bok choi tickles your fancy). HK B.B.Q. master don't do much, but what they do is done w/ deft expertise, love, and attention to detail. the deal here (as you may infer from the name) is chinese barbecue. pork (lean or fatty) and various types of chicken (w/ a daily greens/veg and soup special). there seems to be a few other choices, but i'll have to dig deeper on future visits to find out more. eat in or take out type of place. 7-8 small tables. clean. most importantly (to me), the price/quality ratio is sublime and the staff are very attentive, friendly, and open. the portions, solid. both dancing bear, ashley ash, and the stunt man have joined me on recent trips and i'm happy to report that the quality has been consistent. my only qualm might be the paper plates (recyclable???), but if you like chinese-style barbecued meats don't hesitate to try this place out. easily worth the drive/sky-train to richmond...

maybe the poet

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the sweetest girl

overton berry - LITA 058

hey folks,
happy to report another key re-release from seattle-based light in the attic records. this time, the label focuses on some home-grown talent, pianist and composer overton berry. below is a promotional one-sheet i wrote for the label w/ a little more information (*soundclips available here). overton, was and still is, an amazing talent. i was lucky enough to share the stage w/ him a few years back w/ the sharpshooters and DJ spinna. what a night! pure goosebumps material. overton's definitely a class act...

The Overton Berry Ensemble
T.O.B.E./At Seattle's Doubletree Inn
Light In The Attic
LITA 058

Have you ever heard of Tukwila? Well, it’s safe to say that if Light In The Attic wasn’t located in Seattle, Washington, we mightn’t have either. Just a short drive from the Emerald City it was once home to the now infamous Doubletree Inn. Despite its non-central location, the Doubletree was once the Pacific Northwest hotspot with line-ups around the block. The reason? The Overton Berry Trio, who ably filled the lounge with sounds of jazz, soul, and pop over clanking drinks and decadent dinners. While local music lovers, dedicated crate-diggers, and diehard funk heads will have heard of the classy pianist (often compared to his better-known peer, Ramsey Lewis), it’s finally time to let the world in on our little secret. At the dawn of the 1970s, Berry and company recorded 2 long player albums: The Overton Berry Trio At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn (1970) and T.O.B.E. (1972). Both take the listener to a time long forgotten, a place where music engaged, invited dialogue, and struck chords deep in one’s soul. In celebration of this still relevant sonic legacy, Light In The Attic Records will re-release the original At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn and T.O.B.E. (The Overton Berry Ensemble) albums in a lovingly packaged double vinyl-only reissue.

Prominently featured on both of Light In The Attic’s Wheedle’s Groove releases and director Jennifer Maas’ Wheedle’s Groove documentary, the Overton Berry Trio and their transcendental interpretation of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” (from At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn) is notorious amongst forward thinking DJ’s and record collectors the world-over. The T.O.B.E. album (especially the break-beat heavy “Jesus Christ Superstar”) has also piqued the radar of many a tastemaker and original copies are virtually extinct and prohibitively priced when available in record dealer’s crates or offered for sale on the web. Now with lovingly remastered audio, extensive liner notes, and unpublished photos, this double L.P. set gives you both of the aforementioned rarities and the best of Overton Berry – that is, if you haven’t had the good fortune of seeing the man play live. Still performing his trademark blend of standards, thoughtful interpretations, and original compositions weekly in-and-around Seattle, if you find yourself music hungry in the Pacific Northwest, you just might have a chance. Berry is still doing his thing with the utmost respect and dedication to his craft.

- Double release LP featuring 2 of Overton Berry’s highly sought after recordings
- Limited quantity vinly only (1,000 copies) reissue with fully re-mastered audio and tip-on gatefold hand-numbered jackets
- New liner notes about history behind these coveted titles, presented with never before seen artist photos
- Includes download card with 3 previously unreleased tracks.

Monday, March 7, 2011

watch your teeth...

the blend (strombo show) - birdapres edition

wow, very hype to link this incredible "blend" mix by winnipeg's own birdapres (via east van of course). bird is an incredible rapper, friend, and beat digger supreme. peep the technique. frankenstein into doug randle?!@#$%!!! evolution's blend... CDN synth-pioneer ralph dyck + exclusive rap. DAMN!!! schooling the CBC on their own product (w/ a healthy dose of reverence)...  do they even know??? does it really matter??? i think so... and clearly, i am not alone. so here's to the artists, here's to the brand. let's share and preserve our crucial forgotten history, the past's present and future plan...

abruzzo pizza

abruzzo pizza (9010 yonge street, richmond hill) was my first pizza experience as a north york-born child. considering how much 'za i've consumed in my thirty-six years, a BIG deal (round here anyways). but back to the start. my family lived not far away from abruzzo in the mid-to-late 70s and i recall the steaming cardboard boxes and regal logo (a card-like Queen???). though i believe there was a change of ownership at some point, it was with great anticipation that i returned late last year for another slice... the taste??? fantastic!!! though i avoided dipping my crust into coke as i used to do as a child, each piece was warm, comforting, and as delicious as i remembered. great work folks!!! do yourself a favour, enjoy some pizza soon!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

super, super, supreme...

"well, i've watched the videos, read the stories, and peeped the flyer, but who the f@ck is supreme la rock anyways and why should i get off my ass to the waldorf this friday (march 4th) for the second history of dance???"

um, i dunno, but if this mix (link below) doesn't get you moving out the door and headed to the dance floor, i'm afraid, we can't help you anymore...

*originally recorded for tokyo-based sandinista clothing in 2004 (w/ OG artwork by legendary graffiti don, virus), rock the discotheque is serious LIVE mix of heavy, heavy disco, boogie, and soul... there was a follow-up (or prequel???) called executive class, but i'll save that tale for another time...


gone surfing (till march 17)...