Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(get tha) fortune

fortune by sipreano
*feeling slightly nostalgic. this sipreano track was lifted from the OG "voluntary in nature" mix (lil' history here), recorded by the stunt man at titan sound for sandinista, tokyo in 2006. digital-streaming/limited DL link only. getting inspired. more to come...

Monday, May 30, 2011


yo folks, friends, and foes,
sipreano here. it's been a s(l)ick lil' run, but w/ nothing but good vibes, i'm freeing up my thursday nights after 2 more SIPREANO IN THE TIKI BAR sessions (june 2nd and 9th)...

also glad to report that they'll be some new weekly tiki bar nights w/ DJs nowhere near as good as me (duh!!! lol!!!), but ones who may be able to get the desired mix of numbers and substance... to quote some parka-wearing bloke in quadrophenia, "get in there my son..."

for those in need of a sipreano waldorf DJ fix, fear not, i will continue proudly w/ H.O.D. and TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF MOD on the 1st and 3rd fridays of the month respectively (and likely drop into the tiki bar from time to time no doubt)...

to those aforementioned folks, friends, and foes who just couldn't get it up to get out and check out my ever improving skills on the tech 1200's/bozak mixer combo, you have 2 more thursday night shots... to the faithful troopers (like the silo, jay g, dougie the mod, nancy, the one-and-only hot body, and co.), let's burn this night out in style!!!

and hey, there's finally a highball/beer drink special, so there ya go...

thinking back, maybe a lil' recap will set the mood:

for the last 6 months, i, sipreano have spun about 144 hours of music on original press vinyl 7"/LP/12" formats in the best hi-fi stereo bar in vancouver (w/ some fantastic bartenders and staff)... if i've done the math right (not likely), that's about 2,880 3-minute songs... DAMN!!! step to that...

the winter was long and to be honest, the room went from jam-packed busy to dead as a door nail on the odd unfortunate rainy night (bar the die hard bar set). i think this will change come summer, but apart from one 1-minute stretch where i played the sounds of silence to myself and the bartender after a faulty disco mix, it was nothing but TUNES... jazz, easy listening, soul, funk, reggae, psychedelic, garage, punk, post-punk, ska, nature sounds, bar rock, 80's pop, UK, mod, folk, disco, lounge, exotica, oddball, SSW, and so much more... from arthur lee to art snider, jackie mittoo to VIIth temple, and over to laid back and the special a.k.a.

highlights include a festive holiday edition soulcial reunion w/ kamandi, a riotous all thin lizzy st. patrick's day jam, random visits from some of NYC's finest (scotty hard and virus), multiple guest appearances from limbo (jay gundzik), dancing bear, the stunt man, psych night josh and killer all-vinyl sets by cesar banares, rodney graham and john collins...

there was also dancing, definitely drinking, and maybe even some other stuff, a great continuation of my musical education all-in-all...

thanks to thomas for making this swing, danny for being down, and pete for the link!!!

littered amongst the forgotten remnants of FB invites and past, present, and future promotional pomp, if you're still reading this, w/ 12 hours to blow, the party ain't over yet... i promise to give my best to YOU!!!

like the beans' 48-hour sugar refinery gig that i never went to, come and cheer me on for 2 more marathon 6-hour sets, help raise a toast, say f@ck it and wear sweatpants to a bar, hit a rock, watch it roll, go outside your comfort zone, dance for exercise, smoke something in the alley, get laid, bring a record for me to play, let me give you an on-the-fly DJ lesson, say "hello," whatever floats your boat...

spread the word or spread the butter. see you or see you not...

BIG love,

rude boys rude

rude boy charlie

2 tone central

NME (august 25, 1979)

*from the specials fan forum

Sunday, May 29, 2011

i hear you now

*repost from the eye of ladyhawk...

magnetic haze LTD CD (WZRDRY records)

from out of the unknown and onto your stereo!!! i've been championing the music of kelly claude nairn and spencer ocampo for many moons... under the respective monikers of decaf and seekers international they've each created hours upon hours of left-field beat, dub, and atmospheric/environmental experimentation, original soundscapes that can take the listener to unheard dimensions. on may 7, 2011, the pair released their first commercial long-player collaboration on decaf's WZRDRY label (refer to 2004's "sedation" b/w "level C" 7" single). magnetic haze is available as a hand-crafted CD or for digital download. i highly encourage you to purchase a compact disc. they won't last long and the musical rewards are truly mind-expanding. this one's for the heads. below is a promotional blurb from decaf w/ all the necessary deets...

Magnetic Haze press release:
I'm very happy to announce this collaboration between my long time music making friends Seekers International aka Transmolecular. We went bananas with our tape echo units and other studio tools & techniques for this project. The result is an hour of relentlessly deep atmospheric exploration divided into four movements.
Available for digital download on a free/pay whatever you want basis at:

We also have put together a limited edition run of 50 hand stamped & numbered Cd copies. Cd cover artwork is also a collaboration between Wzrdry/Seekers. Contact wzrdry@gmail.com for info on getting a copy mailed out to you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

how to prevent curious ailments afflicting tourists

"everybody's head of montezuma's revenge, but how many tourists know about lighthouse thigh? or museum arch? or display case back? or cathedral neck?"

BC motorist (sept.-oct. / 73)

from prime to crime

Monday, May 23, 2011

sky dragon

roots boots

been going through a roots renaissance recently. though i worked at the coquitlam centre location in the mid-1990's and the men's sweats have been a staple since the 1980's, i copped a pair of black chukka boot reissues last month at the vancouver robson branch and have become downright evangelical!

roots chukka boot reissue:

- made since 1973 by three generations of toronto shoemakers
- 100% american raging bull leather
- created and handcrafted in canada
- natural rubber sole
- stitched vegetable tanned leather welt of sole for added strength
- leather lining

THE WIRE 328 (mowest review)

super stoked to peep the latest (june 2011) issue of THE WIRE magazine from the UK. they've given our lives are shaped by what we love: motown's mowest story 1971-1973 an extensive and glowing review... here's a short excerpt: "There's a remarkable confidence and coherence to the tracks on this exquisitely compiled collection, which makes the label's lack of success [*at the time, sip] all the more baffling." it was my extreme honour to help put this CD/2LP/digital package together w/ seattle/L.A.-based light in the attic records. hope folks go out and cop their preferred format once the album hits the shelves in june... BIG ups to frankie valli & the four seasons, odyssey, the sisters love, G.C. cameron, syreeta, suzee ikeda, the commodores, the nu page, lodi, thelma houston, and berry gordy jr. and the rest of the mowest crew...

Monday, May 16, 2011

touched (again)...

*hey folks, gearing up to go-go at the second TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF MOD event. both limbo and myself will be presenting the best in vintage 60's soul, funk, jazz, early reggae, and british mod rock in the world-famous waldorf tiki bar (may 19, 9 pm-2 am). please join us! and don't forget to bring your dancing shoes to boogaloo... peep limbo's latest TBTHOM promo mix here!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

history of dance - five alive

*happy to have the one and only the stunt man (aka titan sound's greg mindorff) play as my special guest at the waldorf hotel's fifth history of dance event (city limits discotheque in the cabaret room, 10 pm-2 am). hope to have mr. dancing bear drop some gems too if he's down for the crown! peace

check my machine


Friday, May 13, 2011

lloyd knibb RIP

in my early club going days i was a ska disciple and to my good fortune, when i reached legal age, there was a bevy of boss shows in vancouver to peep, one of which was the legendary skavoovee tour of 1993. hosted at the fabulous commodore ballroom, it showcased not only the pioneers of the genre, the skatalites, but the special beat (featuring memebers of the specials and the english beat), the selecter, and US band, the toasters. basically, i was in ska heaven. dressed up in a rude boy fashion, i wandered the streets prior to the gig in hopes of some action. bussed in the from the suburbs, i was alone, young, and impressionable. nobody from my hood seemed to share my passion and i'd yet to make close friends on the scene. well, much to my excitement, i noticed skatalite drummer lloyd knibb walking aimlessly down the north side of granville, lost in the night amidst pizza joints and used CD shops. i'd recognized him from the attached video clip, the skatalites live at the church house inn, a fantastic VHS tape i'd copped in L.A. at rhino records a year or two prior. with nothing to loose, i approached knibb, told him i was a fan and fellow drummer and asked if he wanted to check out a jamaican restaurant not far from the venue on nelson street. he gladly accepted my invite and within a few minutes we were sitting down at the sorely missed p. gee's perusing the menu. knibb was a kind man and told me stories of days gone by. soon, the rest of the skatalites posse including tommy mccook and roland alphonso had entered the restaurant, likely being tipped to the spot via the concert promoters. knibb made a point of introducing me to the rest of the band, telling them that i'd directed him here. i ate my first bowl of oxtail soup that night and one of p. gee's delicious handmade patties. as we finished our meal, i reached for my wallet, but knibb insisted that he'd grab the bill... i was dumbfounded. not only was i about to catch the founding fathers of modern day jamaican music in live action, but i was able to break bread, learn some history, and share culture w/ the creator of the ska beat. needless to say, it's a day i will never forget and a supreme inspiration. rest in peace mr. knibb. your original freedom sound will last forever... eternal love and respect!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

perry como still alive

*wow, i should really do a full-on SCTV post one of these days. w/ TV as one of my best friends growing up, eugene levy, john candy, andrea martin, catherine o' hara, joe flaherty, and the rest of the second city gang def helped to raise me in a way... or at least laid the bedrock of a twisted sense of humour. this classic clip is def the SOFT SOUNDS FOR HARD TIMES vibe... see you at the waldorf tiki bar tomorrow (may 12)!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

TSMIRS (episode 34) - non-partisan sipreano mix

*today was a heavy day. just didn't work out the way i wanted it to. but on the positive tip, i did get to spend time w/ the wonderful the stunt man (titan sound). we hit richmond, ate, and kicked back a couple w/ texts coming in from the canucks game. we also recorded this mix for TSM's internet radio show (which airs weekly on CJMP 90.1 FM, powell river), a freestyle session w/ yours truly on the 1's and 2's... peace

TSMIRS-Episode34-NonPartisanSipreano by The Stunt Man

waldorf tiki bar (may 12)

penny lane

*caught wind (no pun intended) that "penny lane," piccolo trumpet player david mason passed away at 85 years of age... thanks for the music david! paul, yer not bad either...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

the present

i'm sitting at my computer. the rain is trickling against my pad. listening carefully, i can hear morning traffic breeze by... it's 7:00 am.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

history of dance #4

wicked!!! another magical history of dance is upon us (friday, may 6)... for this jam, i'll be rocking the GIANT cabaret room w/ two old friends, ryan balaski (aka da capo) and christine dale (c*marie). here's a little blurb i drafted up w/ some more info... see you at the waldorf!!! 

City Limits Discotheque (Waldorf Cabaret)

Sipreano w/ special guests Da Capo and C Marie

Da Capo: Da Capo is Ryan Balaski, a tireless advocate of music in Vancouver since the mid-1990’s, first as manager of the now legendary HMV #852 in Coquitlam (best B.C. record store in during the mid-late 1990’s CD boom???) and later of House of Blues and Live Nation concert promotions. Da Capo has helped bring some of your favourite acts to our city and also DJ’d at countless local venues from The Commodore to the dearly departed Ms. T’s. Heavily involved in the music business for over 15 years, Da Capo has amassed a deep collection of vinyl records to get any party started right.

C*Marie: C*Marie is a rare breed. A dancer and music lover with a carefully selected record collection, the lady also known as Christine Dale has played vinyl in Vancouver for over 10 years. New Wave, classic rock, punk, funk, and plenty of soul all get ample airing when C*Marie hits the decks. Groove in amazement as strangers and curiosity seekers become fast friends and family. Don’t miss C*Marie's infectious music magic!!!

It’s our honour and privilege to host Da Capo and C*Marie at the fourth History of Dance. Paired w/ H.O.D. resident Sipreano they will not only evoke the spirit of perfect parties past, but take it right into the future with a classic selection of rock, roll, bass, and soul.

Da Capo's Top 5 party starters:
1) E.L.O. - Evil Woman
2) Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
3) Elton Motello - Jet Boy, Jet Girl
4) Stone Roses - Waterfall
5) E.S.G - Dance

C*Marie's Top 5 Party killers:
1) Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty
2) The Flying Lizards - Money
3) Talking Headas – Psycho Killer
4) Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie
5) Gang Starr – Step Into The Arena 

*LOVING these selections. on vinyl no doubt! prepare to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

pacific state

*first max out 3rd beach session today. gotta little sun on my cheeks. you KNOW i'm celebrating our PACIFIC STATE!!! ocean??? we'll be seeing you soon...