Tuesday, April 29, 2014

rat race (dub)

sock it to 'em JB (dub)



*y'all heard of smiths' guitarist johnny marr, right??? well peep buddy marr!@#$%!!! just got back from a hell of a road trip looking for old dogs and records. was even able to catch my fave rock band ladyhawk a few times on their 10th year anniversary tour!@#$%!!! the hommie birdapres was along for most of the journey, likely the illest yet!!! will try and post a couple snaps soon, but for now, lay back w/ a sweet rockabilly jam by tex pedersen and his sunset ramblers (featuring buddy marr), a lil' treat i copped from doctor dave north of saskatoon... PEACE

Thursday, April 3, 2014

the mutual understanding / in wonderland (LP reissue out in june on beatball records)

*i first came across the mutual understanding around 15 years ago. i was initially intrigued by the psychedelic LP sleeve painting and nimbus 9 label (the guess who, bonnie dobson), then, after turning the jacket over, by the familiar names of ben mcpeek, jerry toth, and jimmy dale (CBC, canadian talent library). the mutual understanding's 1968  in wonderland album represents the best of toronto's late 1960s studio jazz and vocal group sound. the disc was made by world-class professionals at one of canada's largest recording studios of the era and crafted w/ passion and skill. the music recalls a simpler and more innocent time. it's filled w/ love, and yes, understanding... this june sees the first ever vinyl reissue of this pure sunshine pop masterpiece!!! it was my utmost privilege and honour to pen liner notes for this re-release. BIG thanks to beatball records (south korea) for making this happen and light in the attic records for handling the north american distribution. please join us on the trip (and spread the good word)!@#$%!!! PEACE

the prisoner

*inspiration!@#$%!!! PEACE

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


*new tunes from colin mckill (lord beginner, hard drugs) and joshua wells (lightning dust, black mountain)... sur une plage. DOPE!!!

i want you

*BIG props to chan the man for turning me on to this fine clip!@#$%!!! PEACE