Tuesday, April 19, 2011

touched by the hand of mod

touched by the hand of mod? well, sure... though i never owned a scooter, i did fancy myself as something of a UK-obsessed junior modernist in the early-to-mid 1990's, long after the first wave british mod revival of the late 1970's (the jam, paul weller, etc...). spurred on by my love of jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae, US black soul, funk, and jazz, not to forget original 1960's rockers the small faces and creation, i was only a parka and haircut away from the vast netherworld of subculture... in mid-1990's vancouver, night clubs played a large part in this scene. places where people drank, danced, and socialized w/ like-minded individuals. to get the desired "look," clothes and music often had to be ordered from overseas specialty shops. remember this was happening just as the internet started shooting its tangled webs and everything became accessible at the click of a computer. to be a mod, rude boy, skinhead or punk in those days required a lot of dedication. subversiveness through alternative consumption, rebelliousness through underground music, and expression through passionate dance and dialogue... today, it seems that much of this analogue spirit has evaporated, or at least the meaning lost or watered down (perhaps this was true of my era as well, something for debate). with the corporate world co-opting every ounce of cultural cool ever produced by the streets, the party may very well be over. going over to coquitlam centre to pick up your flash parka and 3-button suit jacket at H&M or urban outfitters simply doesn't have the same appeal to me... oh well, i look forward to seeing how the youths of today shape their own brand of subculture (*good luck my sons)... but in celebration of mod and the mod-minded folks that came before (and hopefully after) us, we pay tribute to the great soul, reggae, and R&B-influenced rock artists of the mid-1960's to early 1980's. armed w/ a stack of 7"s singles and trusty LPs, i, sipreano, and die-hard mod DJ limbo take it back to the essence. LOUD and PROUD music on vinyl, presented w/ style in a room w/ more than ample atmosphere and vibe (the waldorf hotel tiki bar). see you this thursday (april 21) and don't forget to leave your scooter out front...


  1. Thoroughly stoked for this evening of MOD delights!

  2. lord have mercy, that was fun!!! we'll have another "touched by the hand of mod" party in a month or so... thanks to everyone who danced, drank, and sent good vibes!!! BIG respect!!!