Monday, January 28, 2013

(another) 45 throwdown


*haven't had a footwear post in a while. that's cause i rarely buy them. but w/ my knees aching more and more like the old man i am becoming and my yen for walking the streets not subsiding, i finally bit the bullet and copped some new kicks. holy sh!t good people!@#$%!!! these sneakers (nike pegasus) are comfy as clouds (just projecting here!!! don't really know what clouds feel like)—the cushioning is truly sumptuous!@#$%!!! i haven't bought a pair of running shoes in at least 10 years and it appears that something has changed in sports footwear ("duh, really???" snides the peanut gallery). sorry, i'm a little slow sometimes... they were even under $100. i'm floating, speechless, and a little embarrassed. wonder how long this feeling will last???

Thursday, January 24, 2013

lord finesse

rip-off (1971)

*(almost) surprised to see this on youtube the other day. rip-off is a film by canadian director don shebib, the follow-up to his landmark goin' down the road. remember being really bummed about this flick after buying a 1980s american VHS edition (disguised under the title "virgin territory," the only way it was available for years). the copy was in horrible condition (audio/visual wise) and my high expectations for a film about young hippies who leave the city to start a commune were disappointedly dashed. the emotional performances, gravity, and edge of goin' down the road appeared to be absent on first view. looking forward to a re-watch though. imagine there's at least some nice early 1970s ontario vibes, a few cheap laughs, and early cancon on display (if nothing else)... one interesting thing to note is that a portion of rip-off's soundtrack was provided by murray mclauchlan (a young bruce cockburn had material on goin' down the road), early work from a canadian SSW legend. PEACE

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

on lok restaurant & won-tun house

*when i was in university (early-to-mid-1990s), i'd take the #151 into vancouver each week for a trip to seymour street (record store lane) and chinatown for eats. at willingdon, the bus would heat west down hastings and the shops and sights of north burnaby and the approaching urban core of vancouver was terrific eye candy. the bright swinging neon of helen's clothing, the seedy NBI, comor sports (where i'd get my ski gear as a kid), D&G collectables (another vinyl spot) by the kootenay loop, of course, PNE/empire stadium, master chef (really!@#$%???), and on and on... on lok was another signpost (not to forget penny and wonton noodles only a stone's throw away) and it wasn't long before my curiosity about these chinese restaurants had to be fulfilled. this generally happened during post-night club runs back to suburbia after a night of drinking and dancing w/ friends at places like the twilight zone, graceland, and luv-a-fair. great times (and a few bad ones too, which i will recall at a later date). a basically no-frills restaurant (soy, vinegar, and chili oil on each table not withstanding), the menu at on lok was and still is long and plentiful, literally hundreds of items deep. also known as "won-tun house," soup/dumpling/noodles were an early favourite, sometimes w/ gai lan. my burgeoning interest in singapore noodles with their bright yellow (w/ the potential to stain anything in its sight) curry morphed into a future litmus test for other restaurants serving the dish, a true treat that when done as well as on lok does it (excellent distribution of BBQ pork, egg, shrimp, noodles, and veg), delicious, savoury, and spicy. we always used chopsticks (much to the chagrin of certain staff members who were quick fast to throw down forks and knives) and plenty of hot tea was consumed. cokes and ice water as well (though i came to learn that cold water was not served outright at most chinese restaurants, unlike your typical western establishment). in 2013 not much has changed, the dishes at on lok are still fragrant and steaming, large and overflowing, definitely sobering, the perfect remedy for a worn-out soul. while i've ever only tried a small number of dishes at on lok (in relation to the gargantuan amount of options), there's lots to explore for all tastes and preferences (w/ plenty of vegetarian fare). the food itself, is more comforting than high-end quality. i've had similar in toronto, london, and new york. this is a fast paced diner w/ an eclectic mix of patrons (from local east-side residents/workers to business men, young families, and old folks). on lok is not hip, trendy, and never will be. not a place to be seen (if that's your bag), and for the most part, humble in decor. repeated visitors may long for a simple nod of recognition (or "hello"!!!) from the generally lukewarm staffers who rarely show any outward emotion (except for what sometimes appears to be a little discontent, w/ food thrown down on the table on occasion, chef, i'm looking at you here!!!). i'm not sure this is a cultural difference, perhaps a reflection of difficult customers over the years??? (my) ego aside, maybe it's best just the way it is (though i do like to eat at restaurants where i can feel some love, i think such vibrations are reflected in the food itself; maybe my theory is faulty, the dishes at on lok are usually spot on. lol!@#$%!!!)... not long after being served, the bill and a fortune cookie are placed on the table, ready to be taken to the front desk to settle up. the messages inside the cookies are often positive and inspirational. eaten w/ hot tea, they provide a sweet finish to your meal. w/ wonton noodles now gone (replaced by volcano sushi) and a "SALE" sign on the penny strip mall, i hope that on lok can stay around for a while longer. it provides solid food and a meeting place for a community, passers by, and even an old-time destination for those not in the vicinity. if you haven't been before, don't forget the specials to your right (by the wonton/noodles/veg/boiling station) as you walk in. they are easy to miss. take your time. there's lots of affordable choices. PEACE

Friday, January 18, 2013


*nice to see some can-con up in this b!@#$%!!! PEACE

(more) rodriguez...

"The offers are becoming obscene. We're kicking around ideas. I even suggested to the booking agent (Booking Agency's Christian Bernhardt) that we do a marijuana tour and go to all 16 states that have decriminalized weed."

 - Rodriguez to Billboard Magazine


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

vancouver concert posters

*vancouver concert posters is an INCREDIBLE new on-line resource showcasing a wide range of cultural artifacts. curated by rob frith (neptoon records) w/ help from ben frith, i'll be checking back here regularly (new content will be added on the reg)!@#$%!!!

life with you....

reggae or not

*wow!@#$%!!! this is an incredible event for toronto heads and definitely worth a trip for those who can make the journey... photo exhibit, DJ events, special guests (including jerry brown/summer records), panel talks, etc... PEACE

Friday, January 11, 2013

wzrdryAV - pacific greyscale (2013)

From Digitalis Industries
With the release of wzrdryAV’s Pacific Greyscale, another piece of the Transmolecular Compendium takes shape and is revealed. Vancouver’s Kelly Nairn is another integral player in this collection of artists (his collaborative efforts with SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL cannot be missed) and musicians and these 40 minutes are an impeccably crafted journey through the sites and emotions of his home on the Pacific Canadian coast.
Electronic daydreams search through deep rhythmic drifts and chilled salt waves. Nairn’s sounds are looped over and over until they swaddle you like a soft, warm quilt. On the surface, this is relaxing music but there’s a hint of paranoia and general strangeness mixed in that keeps proceedings from finding too much bliss. Pacific Greyscale will take you somewhere for sure, but each listen reveals new destinations. Edition of 50.

(all) across the sands

timeless melody

specific hate


*have you even listened to the music!@#$%???

Saturday, January 5, 2013

vein melter

marcos valle | what's inside? | LP | pre-sale

*LITA is about to start dropping titles from their crucial marcos valle reissue campaign. more info here!@#$%!!!

the changes...

i had a business lunch w/ the stunt man yesterday regarding a mastering project he's working on for LITA (more to follow!!!). we went to on lok on hastings and decided to order from the lunch specials board as you walk  in, on the right. anyways, as we so often do after eating, we hit the 7-11 in the strip mall just east of the restaurant. TSM  noticed a "SOLD" notice on the larger mall sign advertising penny restaurant (the location of one of my best meals ever and possibly the worst, i'll save that tale for another session) and the other businesses (laundry mat, two bakeries, little ceasars pizza, etc...). MORE condos??? a few years ago, i would've had a sad tinge of nostalgia (re: late night munchies missions at the sev, sobering up in the parking lot, waiting for a friend...) or bitterness (how many f#cking sh!tty apartments do we need in vancouver!@#$%???), now i'm simply reconciled to the fact that change of this nature is inevitable. nothing is sacred. well, city planning wise anyways...

*below is a "holy grail" business card (for me and the old school homies anyways!!!). WONTON NOODLES (on hastings) RIP!@#$%!!! now, HERE is a joint that i miss (now "volcano sushi," barf, still a stones throw from on lok and 7-11, i cry...). tom, you still out there doing your thing???

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

soundtrack of my life

 re-post from light in the attic

It’s the very last day of 2012, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to, but we sure love lookin’ back. Stephen John Kalinich (poet/Beach Boys Lyricist) sent us this list of his top ten all time favorite songs, and it’s so very full of love and positivity that we thought it’d be a great thing to share as we head into 2013! So happy new year! We’ll see you all next year! (click the song titles to listen)

The Sound Track of My Life
By Stevie Kalinich

1. “Within You And Without You” (The Beatles’ “Sergeant Pepper”) (George Harrison)
I love the sitar and the lyric and the music together are one of the most inspiring moments in Pop Music to me. Alex and I were talking about the space between us all and the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion. My God that sums it up all the phoniness and false postures we put on to be popular, rich or famous. To strip them all off and be authentic. An amazing album and an amazing, moving song. A song I can play again and again. George was a major force and I like this song so much. It is a permanent Album in the Soundtrack of My Life.

2. “Imagine” (John Lennon)
The melody and the words together make me cry and touch me every day. The union and the force of the message is unsurpassed. It is like a hymn a calling to arms. It may be idealistic but the thoughts and ideas musically and lyrically inspire me deeply and are a corner stone upon a world that can bring forth transformation and peace. The melody flows through me like an inner cleansing. The words are like petals of lotus blossoms. They cleanse the heart and refresh the soul and the music plays in me every day. I imagine and it is calling forth without preaching like, consider this proposition for the world . Is within reach? Where does the ideal meet the reality?

3. “In My Room” (Brian Wilson)
Brian captures here a melody and lyric that is universal and so profound and touching in its simplicity. The simple fact is it may be one of the most meaningful songs ever written. It really grabs me. We all spend so much time in our rooms alone as a teenager especially. All our insecurities, our hopes, our friendships are expressed here. How we will build a future and so much of our later life. We are in our room too, but mostly at the ages of 13, 14, 15, 16. Those years we are formulating. Not yet having families and being married. A sweet moving tribute to loneliness, to go to a special place .The room is the place inside yourself where you can just be you. This is a track that will always be in my life.

4. “God Only Knows” (Brian Wilson)
Possibly the most beautiful love song ever written! The melody melts my heart again and again and the simplicity of the words just echoe in my heart and mind. The sheer beauty of the melody even alone, touches me so sweetly and brings tears of joy to me. It is music that can heal me and comfort me when I am lonely.

5. “Let It Be” (The Beatles – McCartney Lennon)
Wow! What a song, what notes – what sentiment. A simple touching, powerful melody, that has touched a generation. I love this song. What else can you do as life unfolds but let it be? Take it from where it is and continue. No matter what I go through, what trial, sorrow, loss, sadness. I have to let it be. It is the only viable option. I love this track so much.

6. “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” Don McClean
A story of a great artist, that in some ways reminds me of Brian Wilson, my sweet friend. It expresses the sadness of Van Gogh’s life, his inability to overcome his challenges and demons and still to produce this great moving human art. It expresses the struggle of an artist to create and how creativity does not always bring happiness and joy. The melody is breath-taking and beautiful. The words are wonderful and do not sugar-coat the reality. How the artist today mostly goes unrecognized and unacknowledged. When I hear the track I can feel the colours and the pain and the struggle. Yesterday I was with Brian and he said, “Stevie, I feel like an outsider”, and I felt sad that someone who has given the world so much beauty and inspiration could still be struggling and sad. He is courageous and still hanging in there but success has not been an easy path for him. True artists never know how much good they have done. If they could feel for themselves what they have put into melody for others and have compassion for themselves and be comfortable within their own skin that would be wonderful and this track does it for me very brilliantly.

7. “Whiter Shade Of Pale” Procul Harem (Keith Reid/GaryBrooker)
“We skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor, I was feeling kinda seasick, but the crowd called out for more” - I love this lyric and melody by a great group. I know in England this song is huge. The melody is haunting and it captures a spirit and an age to me that I adore and love. It is a trip too. I love this song and in the movie “Withnail and I”, it captures a time of innocence and wonder before they fell apart and crashed.

8. “Let Me Be” The Turtles (P.F Sloan)
This track, this version defines my young days when I was trying to find my way and everyone was telling me what to do and be and I just wanted to be left alone and do my own thing. My parents bugged me, my friends and everyone. Let me be was like an anthem to me. I loved “Eve Of Destruction” that P.F wrote as a teenager but this one really took hold of my heart and the melody was singable and rememorable and I loved it. “Let me be, let me be, that’s all I ask of you”. I still feel that way.

9. “Mr Tambourine Man” (Bob Dylan)
I love this track. The melody is kick ass and really rocks and the words “One hand waving free”, that is me! England, France, Ireland, Italy, UK, Scotland! On the travel on the road, I love this track. It is a lot like life to me. The song of the open road, the Walt Whitman way I have lived, a lot of my life. This track is a major player and holds true. Bob captures a lot of what so many feel and for me this was the one. Wow! Music like this is from the Gods Divine. I love pouring through a human being. It is exciting and life is vital and alive and open still, the mind is open and expanding. A great track! “Then take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind, Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves, The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach, Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow. Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free, Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands, With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves, Let me forget about today until tomorrow” – Bob Dylan

10. “Reign Over Me” (The Who – Pete Townsend)
“Only love, Can make it rain, The way the beach, Is kissed by the sea Only love, Can make it rain, Like the sweat of lovers, Layin’ in the fields Love, Reign o’er me, Love, Reign o’er me, Rain on me, Rain on me” I love this music. I love the Pearl Jam version in the new Adam Sandler movie. What a great feeling, touching, gut wrenching melody and lyric. I love, love, love this track. It really gets to me. When the world is falling apart at the seams, I think of this, or hear it and I am washed clean. It goes deep and gets at your soul.

These are the tracks of my life – Chapter One.


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