Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bob & wisdom

do re mi

the taurus incident

on my fridge rests a flyer from 2005 (see above), the first of two planetarium shows spearheaded by morgan tanner and a motley crew of west coast space/music/visuals people...  both were unique events, organic, and very home spun w/ handmade and hand delivered tickets, no sponsors... just creativity. supported by locals (and international visitors) strictly for the love, the taurus incident featured original compositions ("incidental music") and live performances (from jamie clay and CDN free jazz legend paul plimley) based on a vinyl release that the planetarium had issued back in the early 1970s (as well as a well received contemporary video piece by the stunt man and aurora dominici, see below), and visuals from vancouver media/music man john tanner. the second event, planetarium 2010, showcased live performances by transmolecular and BCVCO, visuals by the poppy family's craig mccaw (along w/ yours truly on the technics 1200s spinning original 60s-80s psychedelic and electronic albums/singles). definitely a cosmic night!@#$%!!! it was great to see harold (featuring the voice of CDN icon bill reiter at the taurus incident), the star zeiss projector, turning us all into awestruck children again...

*here is a link to a georgia straight article profiling planetarium 2010!@#$%!!! share the land??? still working on it... hold tight!!! as for the five year gap between the shows? guess we're due for another in 2015. it'll be here before you know it. i hope the planetarium survives that long. it's an underused analog facility in this increasingly digital age...

Monday, July 23, 2012

rub-a-dub style: the roots of modern dancehall

rub-a-dub style is a new book by notable toronto-based reggae photographer/writer beth lesser. it's available for purchase at her website and even offered as a free download .PDF. any which way, well worth checking out if you'd like to learn more about the roots of modern jamaican dancehall...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

hежность (tenderness)

*i caught elyer ishmukhamedov's 1966 uzbekistan-shot film nezhnost (aka tenderness) many moons ago at the pacific cinematheque and it's haunted me ever since. was very happy to find this on youtube. there are no subtitles on this version, but such vivid portrayal of love and life is engaging in any language...

Friday, July 6, 2012

thin lizzy - s/t (decca) reissue LP order link!@#$%!!!



When scrolling down a list of debut LPs by rock’s heaviest hitters, Thin Lizzy is as unheralded as they come. Long before the group’s trademark “twin-guitar” sound was born and anthems like “The Boys Are Back In Town” became instant hall-of-fame material, the street tough Irish group was a dynamic power trio consisting of guitarist Eric Bell, singing bass player Philip Lynott, and sticksman Brian Downey. Forming only a year before their monumental signing to world-famous Decca Records, Thin Lizzy fused folk, hard rock, lyrical poetry, and a dose of Celtic lore in a heady brew that despite its potency, sold poorly at the time of release. Often ignored apart from hardcore Lizzy devotees around the globe, Light In The Attic is incredibly proud to produce a much-needed vinyl-only re-release of Thin Lizzy.

Including certified underground classics like “Honesty Is No Excuse,” “Look What The Wind Blew In,” and “Return Of The Farmer’s Son” one can see why original Decca copies are prized possessions. Rich in vibe and vibrations, Thin Lizzy is the type of record one hangs onto. Now is your chance to enjoy this crucial music at an affordable price. To sweeten the pot just right, the lowdown is as follows: Original master tape transferring by Sterling Sound and re-mastering by Dave Cooley (Elysian Masters), 180-gram virgin black vinyl, original album art reproduction (both UK, outside of gatefold, and US versions, inside of gatefold; see image below), extensive liner notes by reissue producer Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (Jamaica-Toronto series, Rodriguez' Cold Fact and Coming From Reality, Monks, Mowest anthology) featuring a recent in-depth interview with Eric Bell, and unseen archival imagery. Out next week, you can pre-order a copy Thin Lizzy (LITA 086) here now!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

why don't we do it in the ballpark?

there's lots going on at VIN HQ right now. vancouver summer (august???) is almost here and will hopefully dry the extended winter wetness to the bone. that's what i'm prayin' for anyways!@#$%!!! just returned from ballpark canada day festivities in grand forks B.C. w/ ashly ash, ford pier vengeance trio, and the mighty ladyhawk. w/ a torrential downpour the show's powerful opening act ("well played"), the crowd was slim, but certainly well charged and ready to cut loose. as the skies eventually cleared and night began to fall, i looked up at the moon and thought to myself, "this is how concerts should be!!!" definitely a far cry from the majority of sweaty-roofed vancouver venues and their sticky, oft-soulless confines. perhaps i was just feeling some international vibrations from heaton park in greater manchester where the stone roses were in the midst of a 3-night open air stand playing to 225,000 music maniacs??? it also took me back to an earlier outdoor concert experience, the first another roadside attraction tour, held in agassiz, B.C.. almost 20 years ago. ARA's 1993 edition saw the tragically hip, midnight oil, pere ubu, and world party ("is it like today"-era w/ chris sharrock!@#$%!!!) hit the stage w/ a most scenic mountain backdrop and hippie food vendors along with environmental/political stalls that merged the day's musical pulse w/ a greater awareness. it's still my measuring tape for what a concert can be. highlights of grand forks' canada day celebration, while not as ambitious in aim as ARA, was FPVT's ripping version of the beat's "save it for later," fresh material from ladyhawk (new album coming this fall on triple crown audio!!!), and a stocked beer garden in support of local ski hill, phoenix mountain. dancing in a soggy field w/ a lovely crew of locals was hella fun too. ok, the sun is out today, it's 11:21 am and i'm still in my PJs. gotta jet... PEACE

the westerners

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hot mixed pickles

well, i can hardly believe it... my mouth is salivating and my tongue is burning, the return of strub's hot mixed!@#$%!!! after a lengthy absence from local vancouver grocers (years in fact!!!), i finally broke down and placed a special order for the spicy pickles (w/ tomato and hot pepper ring slices) at the local main street IGA. this was a few months back and i'd yet to hear anything about their arrival, but a tip from ol' dancing bear revealed that yes, they'd finally hit the cooler (most strub's products require refrigeration, check out the hot dog/bacon section for their range of goodies). at approx $7.50 a jar, these cukes are not cheap, yet after my first briny bite, i instantly remembered why i love these tart treats so much (and why they're worth every penny!!!). right on strub's (and IGA for carrying them)!!! another happy ending at voluntary in nature.

PS - hope these continue to be stocked. fingers crossed. there's quite a few bottles available at IGA. try 'em out!!!

heaton park