Saturday, April 23, 2011

it's my life

*what an INCREDIBLE performance (and song)... conga/synth breakdown??? OMG!!! you ever hear a tune and know it'll play a thematic role in the next phase of life??? def predicting that the 12" dub of "it's my life" i recently copped will be my summer of 2011 OST (*that's soundtrack folks)!!! stripping down to my shorts and laying down by a giant lake under the hot sun this afternoon, couldn't help but have echoes of talk talk reverberate through the brain. goodbye winter. sh#t is on!!!


  1. bring it on!!!!
    i can't wait to hear the soundtrack of the summer...

  2. yes bredren! copped a couple jams in ogopogo-land!

  3. p.s. there's just no such thing as a bad talk talk record. their earlier synth-pop stuff is awesome and they just kept evolving and getting better (and more artsy/experimental) from there culminating in their last 2 albums "spirit of eden" and "laughing stock" which are both undisputed masterpieces. nothing sounds even remotely like them. also, singer mark hollis' self-titled solo album is totally mind-blowing (but a real downer, i think he was a pretty heavy junkie). bassist paul webb and drummer lee harris had a cool dubby project called .o. rang who released an album of hypnotic "inner-world music" that's worth tracking down. i think paul webb had a project with the singer from portishead as well. anyway, sorry to ramble, was just JAMMING on talk talk and my undying love for them. truly one of the most original and amazing bands EVER! (even though he kind of sounds like steve winwood, not that there's really anything wrong with that...)
    PEACE! (cheese)

  4. this shit makes me want to cry a bit...

  5. STILL jamming!
    this is trippy...
    i think these guys actually released a couple albums and eps...
    ok, i'll stop now...

  6. laying down the love. i'll peep these...