Tuesday, February 25, 2014

twisted poets literary salon (david campbell - a celebration)

*there's a tribute to singer-songwriter, artist, and poet david campbell this thursday in vancouver. check out the deets here!@#$%!!! it's an INCREDIBLE opportunity to spend time in the company of a tremendous talent who has shared so much emotional and thought provoking material w/ so many. i'm also happy to report that mr. campbell will be featured on light in the attic record's upcoming native north america (vol. 1): aboriginal folk, rock, and country 1966-1985 archival music compilation. more on that in the not too distant future. until then, dig in friends... PEACE

russian roulette (1975)

*shot in vancouver, this spy-thriller has some truly incredible moments!@#$%!!! if nothing else, peep the end sequence. truly bonkers (esp if you know/live in van)!@#$%!!! shouts to midnight cassette library for the up... PEACE

Monday, February 24, 2014

RIP harold ramis

*this isn't the right swami clip, but you (may) get the idea... RIP

not linda

*wanted to post a nice pic of linda mccartney, but couldn't find anything suitable. she was/is rad. still looking for her wide prairie LP if anyone want to donate one to VIN HQ. PEACE