Wednesday, November 23, 2011

never surrender (subtitulado)

all you can eat

*"Was watching Krush Groove this evening and got a crazy flashback. I remember you dropped this tune at Dynamo [Hastings Art Collective] before we all got some late night grub...this was when our crew was doin that all u can eat 9.99 after 10pm in Richmond." - Decaf (WZRDRY)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

phase II

abbott & cordova, 7 august 1971 (2008)


*i've been reading a book about the beach boys. sort of a bummer actually. there's lots of betrayal, drugs, mental/physical abuse, ego blow-outs, poor decisions, infighting, and even tie-ins w/ the manson family... hard to reconcile against the california/summer imagery of the group. another case of too much too young? maybe too much information. anyways, here's a nice pic of dennis wilson and christine mcvie from fleetwood mac, a one-time couple in the 1970s...

there's a boat leaving soon for new york

Sunday, November 20, 2011

over and over

*BIG shouts to the grade 9 (in 1989) rude boys and girls at brother andre catholic high school in markham, ontario, who turned me on to the (english) beat back in the day... wha'appen?

mckinneys december 3 (powell river)

Friday, November 18, 2011


morning cap'n!

*nothing like a BIG bowl of cap'n crunch to start yer day, eh???


"is flowing like a river... to the sea..." where is alan parson's when you need him? only a youtube link away (surf on soldiers). does anybody out there remember the episode of 21 jump street that uses his song "time" to great effect? the one w/ johnny depp walking down the beach after an especially tough case? would dig to peep that one again. "your friends will be there, when your back is to the wall." sing holly, sing...

i've got a feeling

*apple records. take a bite...

Thursday, November 10, 2011


i've worked w/ tokyo-based clothing company sandinista/2step for over 10 years now, creating a handful of japan-only mix CDs, world-wide blends for the net, and general music consulting on a variety of sound/image related needs (in collaboration w/ graphic designer and sndnst guru, vincent cook)... starting w/ "super reggae & soul" (w/ deejay ryan lee) in the late-90s, the sounds have run the gamut from jamaican music (a formative inspiration for the label in terms of concept/branding), soul, rap, jazz, psychedelic folk/rock, canadian rarities, and original sample-based material to the vinyl 12" singles heard on CITY LIMITS (recorded november 7 at voluntary in nature HQ in vancouver). wanna give a BIG shout-out to the stunt man, who helped w/ mastering at his suite sound labs facility (also in vancouver). hope to share more of this lengthy partnership in future posts, but for now... kampai!!!

how to clone a big mac