Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Voluntary In Nature (2006)

Voluntary In Nature
10 years later

As a producer and music historian, I don’t feel that everything from the past is worthy of reappraisal. There are fragments of creation that are fleeting or simply disposable, more suitable for the dustbin that the crates. Still, there are other works that linger, sustain or even take on greater meaning with the passing of time. I’m not going to say under which category I feel Voluntary In Nature falls, but 10 years later, it is something that I’d like to revisit and share with any open to listen.

Voluntary In Nature was created for Tokyo-based clothing brand Sandinista during the first half of 2006 under commission from head designer and friend Vincent Cook. Available as an exclusive and limited audio stream at in May of that same year, Voluntary In Nature was comprised of original edits, sound collage, and voice. Some of the segments date back to the early 2000s and appear in different forms in other places. Without giving away too much information, Voluntary In Nature fulfills Canadian content regulations fully and completely, an intentional direction.

Looking back, Voluntary In Nature represents an era of great self-discovery: Digging, reaching, thinking, celebrating, meditating, and always learning. It was the conceptual precursor to 2007’s Sipreano with Decaf and The Stunt Man (1777rex) and the genesis of my blog and cultural umbrella.

Note: I would like to acknowledge the engineering skills of The Stunt Man, live inspiration from the Psychic Ills, and the Trans Continental Pop Festival (1970).

More to come…



Have you EVER seen such a fine looking spread of fried delicacies???

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NNA V1 listening party w/ Gordon Dick Sr. TNT

Native North America (Vol. 1) listening party
Featuring Gordon Dick Sr. (Siwash Rock, Sound Tribe)

Groundswell Café + Event Space
566 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

8 pm start


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dirty Water

*Has anyone ever noticed that Rock & Hyde sound like a CanCon version of Madness (and that's not a diss)??? This song was my mantra a few years back... I feel it coming on strong again!@#$%!!! PEACE

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Voluntary Tees (Willie)

*Email address on the pic above for orders and any additional info required (price, shipping rates, availability, etc...). Please follow up there!
Voluntary Tees

Friday, March 11, 2016

Spirit of the Northern Lights tour: A sample of 35mm snaps

*The Spirit of the Northern Lights Tour (featuring Willie Thrasher and Linda Saddleback) took place between February 19-27, 2016, with stops at Norman Wells, Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Fort Simpson. BIG thanks to Marie Coderre, Treena Riles, and everyone at NACC for making this possible...  Here's a few 35mm snaps for y'all to catch a lil' taste... Will post more about this special trip down the line... PEACE