Monday, April 29, 2013

Supreme TOSH

*this is a picture of my technics 1200 dust cover and a new sticker (can you guess which one???). i've had this deck (and its companion, the 2 to this one's 1) for well over 15 years. they were built to last and have served me well. may they spin on in the finest of style... anyways, tonight is shaping up to be my last vancouver DJ appearance (3-song set!@#$%!!!). it's been a long time since i started playing for the likes of industry vet bruce allen at his annual xmas parties (dating back to the new millennium!@#$%!!!), multiple private events for sarah mclachlan, bryan adams (music and photo related), and vicki gabereau (who tried to low ball me, sorry vicki!!!), not to forget an opening slot at sonar (RIP) w/ the upsetter himself, lee perry (*we connected over galaga), a guest set at the 2-room el famoso redux (shine backroom, NOT the red lounge unfortch, i don't even think gman or rizk knew about this, does this mean i don't get to keep my imagined "HIP HOP CREDENTIALS"??? i was billed, along w/ the hommie vince c who secured the position, as "SANDINISTA SOUND SYSTEM," lol... all i wanted was to erase the mentally scarring dirty looks i used to get from certain staff members at FWUH), so many government black tie functions i can't remember (well, at least I wore a black tie), and even a couple gigs w/ those shaggy haired stoners, black mountain (NO REGGAE). while i am accepting out-of-town "work" (thank you MEXICO!!! tune in TOKYO!@#$%??? and say it ain't so TORONTO!@#$%@!!!), i'd like to thank the dancers, DOUG THE MOD, ichiro goto, KAMANDI, avi shack, MR. RUMBLE, anyone who hit the decks at FRIENDLY FIRE, thomas anselmi, SORTED DJs (they pissed on the purple onion brit selectors, sorry baz, all love), italian hairdressers named der, OTIS clothing, OTIS RECORDS SOUND SYSTEM (PRIDE 2012), H.R. MACMILLAN PLANETARIUM, ty scammell, jennifer, the town pump, the lamplighter, rock and roll circus, COLLECTORS R.P.M., starfish room, alibi room, coquitlam, burger king on main, burger king on main (parking lot), (industrial area near) burger king on main, RODEN GRAY, moose's down under, COAST 1040, DYNAMO gallery, pacific cinematheque, twilight zone, SONAR, haven, shebeen (irish heather), interurban gallery, ms. t's cabaret, sugar refinery, railway club, the bunker (on robson), westin bayshore, IKEA, ryans B and LEE, jay G, vince, SNDNST, ALFA 5, the afterglow, some place on cordova, PUBLIC lounge, VIVO (and what it used to be called), the commodore, graceland and LUV-A-FAIR requests, richard's on richards, the chameleon (hotel georgia), vancouver art gallery, victory square, the OG clove restaurant (commercial drive), soulcial shebeen on hastings, the georgia straight, jason lev (pre and post waldorf), the waldorf hotel (pre and post renovation, RIP), club VODA, psych night, ANZA club, biltmore, monte clark gallery, stan douglas, FIJI canada association, VINYL RITCHIE, LOCKJAW (RIP), len barker, jason palma, scotty HARD, TRANSMOLECULAR crew, ashly ash, and of course THE STUNT MAN (who has once again given me the opportunity to let me be myself) and all those who have made my vancouver DJ career so memorable... PEACE

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


50 eggs, 50 pancakes, 50 handshakes... 50 is a lot of anything.
50 episodes of cratery??? in this disposable digital age, a contemporary glimpse into the analogue era —and the elusive minds of living and breathing "crate diggers"—means a hell of a lot!@#$%!!! it also represents unity, signifies soul, and most certainly stands head and shoulders above the short-sighted mob of "party" rocking digital "DJs"  and "record" collectors who should have stuck w/ sports cards (um, anybody holding a ken wregget NHL rookie OPC???). before i go off on another rant, i can't forget that cratery also means GOOD TIMES!@#$%!!! aka, the answer to "what does it all mean?"
so here's the latest batch of jams, shared w/ love from toronto's finest: kaewonder, arcee, and DJ serious.
here's to another 50 my friends!!! these ears are listening!@#$%!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LITA zine: issue 5

*check for LITA zine #5 at better record shops near YOU!@#$%!!! there's an article inside about our upcoming native north america vol. 1 (*more news to follow at VIN)!@#$%!!! PEACE

grateful dead / miles davis quintet

*picked up a grateful dead issue of rolling stone at YVR for the plane trip to mexico city last week. was smitten by this poster and the fact that this show actually happened (who actually made this happen???)!@#$%??? the week prior i had been grooving on davis' 1971 a tribute to jack johnson (listen below) and i imagine miles was already pushing a more electric sound by 1970 (*well, yes, having just dropped bitches brew, gracias Google). ACID before acid house...

Monday, April 15, 2013

(the drum) is where we come from...

i'm back...

things have changed.
my eyes are open (again).
ottawa, maniwaki/kitigan zibi, and mexico city altered my perception...
of life and what makes things truly spin.
lessons will be put into action.
communication shared.

this is THE channel for all things related...