Sunday, December 29, 2013

more riverson

*live at the edgewater hotel in pointe claire, quebec (1973)


i don't know about you, but i'm hella excited for 2014!!! the last year has been long, hard, yet ultimately rewarding, and i'm ready to take things to an even higher level!@#$%!!! we lost some great friends in 2013. i wanna give a BIG shout out to doug randle and willie dunn, two music legends. the real deal. my best goes out to their loving families. i've been working very hard to bring native north america to fruition. the 2-CD/3-LP set will be released on seattle/L.A.-based light in the attic records in 2014 and showcases the incredible breadth of Aboriginal talent from across canada and united states. i wanna thank everyone who's helped to make this project a reality and of course, to the artists themselves, whose music and culture have inspired us to do this... 

2013 highlights (in no particular order):

having arcee in town (it was so rad to have AR living in vancouver for a spell. while he's back in toronto now, i miss his humour and passion for music and records on the coast)

the stone roses (fulfilled a long-standing dream by catching manchester's the stone roses in mexico city. they exceeded all my expectations and i pray i get to see them live again one day)

mexico city (what a mad place!@#$%!!! filled w/ people, buildings, food, and art. playing records w/ carlos tropicaza was something i'll cherish forever...)

NNA road trip (nanaimo, ottawa, kitigan zibi/maniwaki represent!!!)

savary island (the steps of death, victor's, darcy on the grill, and so much more. thankfully there are some photos cause i might not be able to recall all of the details down the line, already blurry...)

ashley ash (hi babe!!! we did it!!!)

july 27, 2013 (so much love)

digging (not naming any names/places/faces, but trust me (bird knows sup) it was the BEST year EVER!@#$%!!!)

DJ'ing (mexico city, the acorn, the sadies, couple VIN HQ jams, vancouver art gallery, nowhere near enough... seen???)

nature (never enough)

the stunt man (thanks for all you do...)

unfulfilled dreams (a few, we'll get you in 2014!!!)

this year was hella nuts!@#$%!!! if i remember any more of the madness i'll update in the comments section... 


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

hi-ho mistahey!

*just caught this film at the whistler film festival. it was an honour to view the screening w/ director alanis obomsawin in attendance, an incredible humanitarian, who has shared a powerful story that should be seen/heard by all canadians...


Thursday, December 5, 2013