Wednesday, April 20, 2011

touched by the hand of mod: sipreano mix #1

Sipreano mix #1 by touchedbythehandofmod

*made a quick lil' promotional mix for our upcoming touched by the hand of mod night at the waldorf tiki bar (april 21) to give you a taste of what's in store... hope you enjoy!!! tracklisting is as follows...

Touched by the Hand of Mod:
Sipreano live mix #1

1) Theme From The Boiler – The Special A.K.A. (2 Tone)
2) Say It Loud—I’m Black And I’m Proud – James Brown (Delta)
3) Where Were You – The Epitome Of Sound (Sandbag Records)
4) Wear You To The Ball – U Roy (Treasure Isle)
5) You’ve Got Me Hooked – Ansel Wyatt (Telco)
6) I Want My Momma – The Dells (Cadet)
7) Dracula Prince Of Darkness – King Horror (Joe)
8) Junior’s Jerk – Little Daddy And The Bachelors (RCA Victor Canada)*
9) Be By My Side – Barbara Acklin (Brunswick)
10) Melting Pot – Underground Vegetables (Faze Four)
11) Mr. Fortune – The Hitchikers Featuring The Mighty Pope (Heart Records)*
12) Here Comes The Nice – The Small Faces (Immediate)
13) I’m Glad I’m The Loser – Radiants (Chess)

*Canadian content


  1. nice one, sip! see you tomorrow, i'll try to dress up a bit...

  2. lord have mercy, that was fun!!! we'll have another "touched by the hand of mod" party in a month or so... thanks to everyone who danced, drank, and sent good vibes!!! BIG respect!!! *hi chantelle!!!