Monday, July 22, 2013

a week from today...

*i'm taking a lil' VIN blog breather over the next week or so... they'll be (much, much) more soon, trust me. until then, let me leave you w/ some promo for the stunt man's long-running 45 throwdown (held at save on meats, 43 w. hastings, vancouver). monday, july 29's edition (7 pm till ???) will feature none other than 2/3rds of cratery: arcee and kaewonder (DJ serious is holding down the fort back in ontario). this is a rare opp to peep two TDOT dons do their thing, in this instance, drop record after record... black gold. funk, soul, reggae, psych, disco, you know how we roll... or DO you??? here's the perfect opportunity to rock w/ us!@#$%!!! PS - (LET THE) ROCK KOKANEE FLOW (4EVER)!@#$%!!! PEACE

doors of your heart (dub)

Friday, July 19, 2013

garth hudson/sipreano

*blessed to have met mr. hudson a few years back... garth is a heavy cat!!! still puts a smile on my face just thinking about it!@#$%!!! PEACE

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

(play) ketchup

though i always seem to have a bottle of the red stuff around (no, not vino...), i've never really been a MASSIVE ketchup fan... for years the only thing i'd use it for was home-cut french fries, the thick starchy kind. if it was put on a burger w/ plenty of mustard, i wouldn't flip, but the thought of a hot dog w/ ketchup as the only condiment (*a "classic" to some) makes me gag. HARD. the same goes for putting a big ol' blob on your kraft dinner or even poutine (F-R-E-S-H tomatoes all the way!@#$%!!!). anyone wanna rap about the hotly debated pad thai/ketchup controversy??? anyone??? cocktail sauce (ketchup w/ horseradish) is really good, so perhaps my saucy stance should be a little more relaxed. damn, maybe i don't know what the f@ck i'm talking about. well, except that i'm talking about ketchup!@#$%!!! love it or hate it (i'm clearly still figuring it out), this post is dedicated to YOU!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

TheWhereBetweenYou&Me (OST)

*re-post from

In celebration and thanksgiving for the latest addition to the SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL crew - our newest junior bubbler to run come bless up the Dance, the inimitable invincible Young Pow-Wow, we hereby present the listening massive with dis ya FREE musical excursion!

When neither the illusory Here
Nor the unfathomable Hereafter
Provide safe harbour;

The seeker has no place to turn
but TheWhereBetween

And through it all : A solitary prayer;
A broken record loop-like chant for deliverance
One foot in oblivion;  Hanging by a thread of Hope

In Offeration and Dedication to You,
the One, the Eternal, of whom all things Are
Give thanks and praise each and every hour

TheWhereBetweenYou&Me is the dubwise sequel to
TheCallFromBelow; part two combination excursion style
By special request and public demand, it is now yours for free!

new beginning

Sunday, July 7, 2013


*any friend of sipreano know's that this kid ADORES the pet shop boys!@#$%!!! i recall pumping "domino dancing" from my yellow sony sports walkman on a cold ontario evening in the late 1980s at horseshoe valley ski resort, maxing out to the introspective cassette w/ the wind in my hair on the long and winding road to and from tofino in the 1990s, tons of sweaty club nights propelled by tracks like "west end girls," "it's a sin," and "love comes quickly"—even tripping out w/ dancing bear at their last vancouver concert a few years back. they've been around forever and keep releasing musical magic (their latest album, electric, featuring the track "vocal," drops july 15). with a strong visual (as well as sonic, of course) presence, PSB's live shows are totally spectacular and i'm hella stoked they'll be on the west coast again this october. if you're anything of a fan or even a casual listener who likes going to shows, def cop a ticket asap. you won't regret it!@#$%!!! here's to many more creative years ahead for misters tennant and lowe!!! any which way, their music will play forever... PEACE

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fiver - Lost the Plot

YO!!! was really happy to be asked to pen a one-sheet (*see/read below) for simone schmidt's forthcoming debut long-player under the Fiver moniker. Lost the Plot is a KILLER, KILLER album and you should open yer mind/heart/soul (and wallet!@#$%!!!) and check it out (*peep "the undertaker" above)!@#$%!!! VIN only wants the BEST for you (and your stereo)!!! PEACE

photos from the guru (#1, circa 1974)

*i count myself unequivocally blessed to have been mentored by the late ty scammell (RIP). he was a vancouver-based record dealer (unparalleled), human data base (true), advice giver (kind), sage (um, wise), OG west coast hippie (for real and at heart), photographer (YES), and so much more... over time, i will write at length about this man and continue to share some of his images (*kindly donated to VIN archives by citizenfreak)... PEACE

Monday, July 1, 2013

*a word from TSM...

*gonna bring a ravaging selection of CDN tunes to save on TNT!@#$%!!!

happy canada day from VIN

*i've posted this incredible video before, but can't think of another one better to celebrate canada day (*listen to the lyrics, man!@#$%!!!). so here it is... inuvik, NT-born singer songwriter willie thrasher performing his original composition, "the eagle is calling you"... you'll be seeing/hearing more from willie at VIN in the not too distant future. hold tight!@#$%!!! and van heads reading, please join us for a special musical celebration at save on TNT!@#$%!!! PEACE

keeper of the key