Friday, October 20, 2017

Sipreano picks Weller and Nardwuar interview

I had the MASSIVE honour of meeting Paul Weller this past Monday, playing records at his Commodore Ballroom two-night stand and helping out Nardwuar w/ a fab interview (see below). With a soulful backing band including long-time collaborator and ace face Steve Craddock, each concert was inspiring and full of love. It pushed me to make an unofficial Jam/Style Council/Paul Weller solo playlist on Spotify (my first!) of songs that have greatly touched my heart over the years. Do not miss Paul on the next go round and keep on keeping on good peoples... PEACE

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

RIP Gord (Budget Shoes)

Generally leaning towards private reflection when a public icon passes on, I wasn't intending to mention Gord Downie's death online... And then I thought of Willie Thrasher, and Linda Saddleback, and Malcolm Jack, and our cover of "Budget Shoes" from Gord and The Sadies' "Conquering Sun" album. I met Gord a few years back at a concert in Vancouver thanks to a kind introduction by Dr. Dallas Good. He was friendly, playful, and interested to hear about the yet to be released Native North America compilation that I had just completed. As a teenager, I had been inspired by The Hip's Another Roadside Attraction tour that landed on Seabird Island in 1993 w/ performances by Midnight Oil, World Party, and Pere Ubu amidst a backdrop of mountainous nature. In the midst of Clayoquot rainforest clearcutting not far away, there was an intentional activist and environmentally conscious element to the event and it stuck w/ me: the connection between people, the earth, and the universal expression of music. So today, I will listen to both Gord and Willie's versions of "Budget Shoes," and bow my head in reverence to everyone out there who is making a difference by going above and beyond (the edge)... (Rest In) PEACE