Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

neil young-in concert (BBC, 1971)

*just copped the new neil young book (waging heavy peace) at chapters and going to see the man himself (along w/ los lobos and the sadies) on november 11. 2 hype!@#$%!!! don't front (if you know better). REMEMBER!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

mo' mowest...

one of my BIGGEST thrills at light in the attic's 10th anniversary jam in L.A. was dropping an extended selection of tracks from the double LP, our lives are shaped by what we love: motown's mowest story 1971-1973. as a hub for music, TV, and film, los angeles is a city rich in history and feeling and i couldn't help but smile as the records played through the warm el rey sound system. today, such music has an extended global audience, far beyond the reach of the original records (thank you internet!@#$%!!! ). above is a scan of the japanese OBI (magnum cat/disk union) for the our lives are shaped by what we love CD... hope music heads there enjoy the music as much as we do here in north america (def time for another visit to the land of the rising sun!@#$%!!!). it was an honour compiling and annotating this release for LITA. here's to more fun ahead... PEACE!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


*singer-songwriter sixto rodriguez hits vancouver tonite!@#$!!! apparently the show is SOLD OUT (!!!), but heard there may be some tix at the door (???). here's a shot of rodriguez from 2008, kicking it in the D w/ yers truly while i picked his brain for the liner notes of LITA cold fact and coming from reality reissues. let me tell you this dear friends, detroit was hella c-o-l-d that winter!@#$%!!! and yes, it feels like van's getting a little chilly right about now too!@#$%!!! summer of 2012 RIP

Friday, October 5, 2012

i love to bass (bring the noiz dance mix)


the stunt man wouldn't let me play NKOTB (quality control or cramping of style???)

*had a few beers w/ TSM last night at VIN HQ (always a pleasure)... feeling frisky, we hit the west end in search of PRIDE credit at OTIS music. todd's been running OTIS for many, many years (heads know 'sup) and tragically just got the boot from an unsympathetic building owner who has BIG plans (what's new vancouver!@#$%!!!) for the space (barf!@#$%!!!). any which way, OTIS is a legendary west end hub of culture and will be sorely missed (though keep your eyes PEELED for a new location before year's end). i'm gonna do another post on the store shortly, but in themean time, enjoy our post-dig tunes!@#$%!!! lil' bckgrnd: started this set by dipping into TSM's deep personal stash of 7"s and then over to some fresh OTIS acquisitions (GD??? yo!!!). def hit up todd/OTIS until the end of october. until then... PEACE

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