Saturday, May 26, 2018

CBC Radio: Unreserved (Indigenous trailblazers: legendary musicians, up and coming acts carving a path in the arts)

Re-post from CBC Radio: Unreserved

Earlier this year, Rosanna was invited to the MEGAPHONO Festival in Ottawa, to host a panel called Indigenous Trailblazers: Carving Paths Through Tradition at the National Arts Centre. 

On the panel, legends like Willy Mitchell, Alanis Obomsawin, Dr. Duke Redbird, and Leland Bell, sat alongside up and coming musicians like Jeremy Dutcher, Leanne Simpson, Cody Coyote, and Melody McKiver. 

They were there to talk about music, the arts, politics, and issues facing Indigenous communities today. 

Many of the artists later performed onstage at the National Arts Centre, as part of the Native North America Gathering concert, which was a collaboration with music historian Kevin Howes, who in 2014 released the compilation, Native North America (Vol. 1)

This week on Unreserved, we bring you their stories and music. 


*Photo by Kevin Howes (aka Sipreano, Voluntary In Nature)

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