Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more tso hin kee limited...

this image sorta fits our vancouver summer thus far don't ya think??? at least there's hot sauce to keep us warm. from

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sureshot symphony solution featuring the mighty pope-mr. fortune & fame (2011)


“Mr. Fortune & Fame” b/w “Mr. Fame” (Instrumental)
7” vinyl (500 copy private press)
Digital Download (iTunes)

The Mighty Pope is Canada’s first major label soul artist and black music pioneer who migrated from Jamaica to Toronto in 1966. He quickly lit up the local music community fronting underground legends The Sheiks, Frank Motley's Hitch-Hikers (where he replaced notorious R&B singer Jackie Shane), and later as a solo act. Embraced by the UK Northern Soul scene (“If You Want A Love Affair”) and championed internationally by both deep funk and disco DJs for his work with the likes of David Van dePitte (Marvin Gaye-What’s Going On) and Gino Soccio, his career was revived by the Seattle-based Light In The Attic Records Jamaica-Toronto reissue series (2004-2008) that saw Pope return to live action after a lengthy absence from the spotlight. Meeting US producer/DJ Sureshot Symphony (The Sharpshooters) in 2007 over jerk chicken and Canadian beer at the second Jamaica to Toronto concert, it took three years for the pair to realize their goal of recording together, bridging cultures, generations, and geography in the process. Captured in San Francisco, “Mr. Fortune & Fame” combines powerful vocals, raw instrumentation, and Sureshot’s ruff and rugged drums to crucial effect, a modern day funk scorcher privately pressed on vinyl 7” (limited to 500 copies, also available on iTunes) for DJs, music lovers, open-minded radio programmers, and cultural media outlet advisors. Don’t miss this chance to dance with “Mr. Fortune & Fame”! Remember, this is a grassroots affair made with love. We need your help in spreading the good word.

For more information on sales, distribution, and booking, don't hesitate to shout!

sunset reggae

sunset reggae by sipreano *here's a lil' track, juste pour rire! props to laid back!@#$%!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

george talk...


*while i dig john, adore ringo, and love paul, i have an extra special place in my heart for the work of george harrison. his music has been a BIG part of my musical edification so it's safe to say that the forthcoming martin scorsese doc (set to air on HBO in october) and olivia harrison's living in the material world book (september release) will be ample cause for celebration round these parts. waiting patiently...

Friday, July 1, 2011

my canada

canada day

i've spent a lot of time digging up and championing unsung canadian music history. w/ the help of US-based record label light in the attic records (taste the iron-y?), we've been able to legitimately re-release some of our nation's most unique and previously undocumented sound heritage. the six-album jamaica-toronto series and doug randle's songs for the new industrial state are just the beginning... w/ two current extensive CDN reissue projects on the go (*more details soon), i am proud to say we'll be pushing even further into the vortex... these upcoming releases will reach deep into my record collection and showcase the long hours spent on the road from coast-to-coast looking for near-extinct vinyl artifacts, connecting w/ good people, learning the stories behind the records, presenting sound+vision w/ the respect it deserves, and sharing the treasure w/ open-minded music lovers world-wide in a total celebration our culture...

the cancon cannon (the guess who, anne murray, bryan adams, etc...) is already well established, it's minutiae preserved for future generations. let's take the time to document the lesser known pioneers of canadian music, whose efforts, equally important, often lay dormat in the basements, attics, and minds of this country. w/ much of today's music a reference to the past (and eternally preserved via an endless wave of electronic photos, sound files, etc...), it is very important that we save our fragile and vanishing pre-digital musical history now, before it's lost to the sands of time... so that when future generations of music lovers look back to this crucial and formative era, that they know the true trajectory of our cultural lineage...

so here's to the canadian music makers known and unknown, to our rich fabric of music and art, and that we'll be enjoying it for many years to come...