Thursday, April 7, 2011

tune in tiki (tonight)...

yes, another thursday is upon us!!! i've been vibing out w/ a lot of new/old music from my collection this past week and even laid down an hour-long mix yesterday afternoon (*i'll def link here when it drops)... but back to today and another 8 pm - 2 am sipreano in the tiki bar vinyl session. now you've likely heard me say this elsewhere, but the tiki bar is vancouver's best music listening room. each week i handpick an eclectic yet related selection of easy listening, folk, jazz, soul, reggae, post-punk, 80's, oddball, rock, psych, etc... and proceed to break it down, one LP, 7" or 12" single at a time. all receive their turn, presented w/ love for open ears. while this may be somewhat unconventional in today's ADD digital age, there's no doubt a firm need for this form of entertainment, a return to a simpler place and time... the basement stereo clubhouse, living room hi fi set up or your older sister's bedroom dansette... where records played and minds e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d... and while i'm nowhere near as cool as your older sister, i do play the music i love and share it w/ family and friends. sweet vinyl records played on a sound system that makes your MP3-fueled iPod or computer speakers blush in embarrassment at their lack of any real audio expression... ok seƱor sipreano, enough preaching (to the converted), but please join me at the tiki bar tonight if you can. there may even be a midnight (black) mass appearance/set from mr. dancing bear himself which would elevate this humble evening to something of a "happening"... "float on" by folks. "float on"...



  2. that was rad. BIG thanks to dancing bear for the tunes, scott for the bar, and garzita for letting me play 1 more tune...

  3. oh, and the ladies... how could i forget. i love you!!!