Tuesday, February 21, 2012

girl i betcha

points gray LP campaign

just wanted to give a heads up on an initiative to raise funds for a vinyl issue of point gray's acid folk opus, off shore. for the unaware, points gray was a short-lived vancouver, b.c.-based trio comprised of robert dayton, dan bejar, and julian lawrence. apart from a posthumous limited CD-R release which omitted the full track-listing, off shore has never seen the light of day. considering the future creative endeavors of the group's members (dan's destroyer and involvement with the new pornographers, robert and julian's july fourth toilet, not to forget mr. dayton's sorely missed canned hamm and current act, wet dirt), and most importantly, the distinctive nature of the material itself, we feel this is a key fragment of late 1990s west coast musical history that must be preserved and documented in a tangible fashion (so we may "drop the needle" so to speak). please watch the video above and read more about the project at the link below, both are very informative. we also humbly ask you to spread the good word and help make this once regional collaboration attain the global conscious it so rightly deserves...

BIG love,
points gray liner notes contributor


sft bch

Monday, February 20, 2012

kim jung mi-now (1973)

was honoured to pen a set of liner notes for three shin joong hyun related reissues last year w/ help from the good man himself (thanks again mr. shin!!!): light in the attic's beautiful rivers and mountains: the psychedelic rock sounds of south korea's shin joong hyun 1958-74, kim jung mi's essential now album (out now!!!), and an subsequent lion productions re-release of shin's yup juns combo. for the uninitiated, now is a truly magical long-player. it evokes a great wave of emotional feelings upon listening and comes highly recommended. please pick up a CD or LP copy on-line or even better at your favourite record retailer (if they don't have it in stock, have them order it from lion productions, they stock a fantastic catalogue of lovingly crafted psychedelic, folk, and rock reissues)... here's lion's promotional one-sheet below...

Kim Jung Mi-Now

At the dawn of the 1970’s, South Korea’s rock music scene was at its zenith. Much of the reason for this was the god-like musical touch of guitar wizard, songwriter, producer, and arranger Shin Joong Hyun. For this album, he took a young girl named Kim Jung Mi, and transformed her from a wallflower student into a folk-psych chanteuse in record time (if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is, I suppose, the Francoise Hardy of Korea). The ten songs on Now were written and recorded during 1973 with a firm mandate to create a truly psychedelic sound experience. On each number, Shin Joong Hyun and his backing group laid down pure emotion on tape. Mr. Shin’s fuzz guitar weaves in and out of the tracks, interlaced with his own poetic musings on nature (spring, sun, flowers, rain, and wind), all else in the world apart from Kim Jung Mi’s soothing voice and insistent bass that crouches and creeps, depending on its mood, displaced. This raw feeling, combined with Kim Jung Mi’s seductive, expressive vocals and empathetic string orchestration, resulted in an album that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Mr. Shin’s ethereal cover photo—the blue graininess of the sky dripping into fading clouds, with Kim Jung Mi surrounded on her sky-high isolated mountaintop by flowers—is the perfect image to represent what is, without a doubt, one of the best psychedelic albums ever created. Our version of this quintessence of psychedelia features Korean/English lyric translations, rare photos, re-mastered audio, and comprehensive liner notes by Kevin "Sipreano" Howes and Shin Joong Hyun expert Jae-Myeong Ro (director of the Korean Classical Music Record Museum, and author of the book Shin Joong Hyun and Beautiful Country. The 180 gram vinyl version of Now comes in a deluxe old-style jacket, with OBI, and has a full color insert with liner notes and rare photos; the deluxe mini-LP sleeve CD version has a 20-page booklet with rare photos, and great stories about Shin Joong Hyun and Kim Jung Mi’s continuing place of prominence in the Korean music scene.
Track List: 1. Haenim (6:50); 2. Wind (3:16); 3. Spring (5:00); 4. Unknowingly (2:25); 5. Blow Spring Breeze (1:50); 6. Your Dream (5:22); 7. Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (4:04); 8. Lonely Heart (3:36); 9. It’s Raining (4:08); 10. Ganadaramabasa (3:02)

CD edition catalogue number: LION 663; UPC: 778578066321
LP edition (in production) catalogue number: LION LP-122; UPC: 778578312213

*more information can be found at http://lionproductions.org. PLEASE SUPPORT LION'S PHYSICAL RELEASE OF NOW. YOUR RECORD COLLECTION WILL THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


*off to warmer climes... see you soon!@#$%!!!

cowbell radio (this friday)

recorded a special episode of kamandi's cowbell radio last weekend w/ dancing bear (airing this friday, february 10). 1 for 1, back-to-back selections (from phantasm OST to hiroshima) captured at 2 am for your listening pleasure... check it out in powell river at 90.1 fm  (7-8 pm, PST) or streaming worldwide at www.cjmp.ca... PEACE

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

test 1-2...

"the 2 day hangover"


currently listening to deejay kaewonder (cratery, toronto) w/ an exclusive mix laid down for the sandinistas sometime in 2009-10 (???). kae burns tons of psych, prog, and jazz in this all-vinyl set. keep yer ears open for mood jga jga around the halfway mark ("kill the hangman")... RIP bcnsfld alley sessions!@#$%!!!