Wednesday, April 27, 2011

shomerde interview/mix

well, it took a while, but i finally recorded an original mix for shevan and the toronto-based shomerde posse. hit "that better enemy: sipreano mix/interview" for the link (wink, wink, catch 'er while ya can cause i don't know how long they'll have the file up for...). continuing along in the vein of two previous sets for tokyo's sandinista clothing company ("share the land" and "sweet grass music"), "april 6 mix" is an all-canadian set of vinyl 7"/LP tunes from out of the unknown, into my archives, and back into the ether in the form of a 60-minute live blend. while there's no track-listing, i'd be curious if any heads out there can ID any of the songs? couple obvious ones for seasoned collectors, but lots of off-the-grid material... "untapped MAPL" © if you will. stoked to officially license a couple of these tracks for upcoming reissues on light in the attic records... keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground folks! peace


  1. hope this lasts til i get back, really wanna hear it!
    p.s. vietnam is CRAZY! just ate a steaming bowl of chicken soup squatting on a child-sized stool on the sidewalk beside a super busy street. SO GOOD. this place is blowing my mind...

  2. rad d!!! so stoked to hear... savour it hommie!!!

  3. *if anyone needs to hear this (and the link isn't working), just get at me... i'll hook it up!