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goodbye 2012

saying goodbye to 2012 and can't say i'm too sad. 2013 is already shaping up to be a MONSTER!@#$%!!! lots of creative projects on the go and BIG goals to accomplish. there's a certified union on the horizon and work and travel in-and-around it all... always sharing the land. following dreams and dreaming more. at this tender time of the year, i'm once again disgusted by consumer culture. surprised, no, but trying to reduce waste and wasteful actions. it's the only way and order of the day. family and simple gestures of love trump all. and don't forget, the dollar record always gets more play than the "holy" grail resting on the shelf. always. so keep posing w/ your regurgitated trophy photos and revealing your true self. if you don't l-o-v-e music, go back to being a hockey card collector and let the real heads do their thing. in other news, cratery keeps on burning on and on... don't stop. my beard is getting whiter. as i get older, i'm not inspired by a lot of the people and things that used to stoke my fire. it's weird. and i gotta say this LOUD and CLEAR. i'm not like "you" or "that guy" you know who you "think" does the same thing as me. i'm blazing my own path. i'm turning shit up (to 11) and putting it out. i'm trudging through fields in a different type of war. i'm driving my whip. across this country. not in a cubicle or (always) glued to a screen. for the man. i'm pressing flesh. climbing ladders. looking you straight in the eye. taking short steps and continuing to learn from my elders. producing content, not simply spinning it (though i can do that too)... i am not alone. voluntary in nature. these are my people. you know who you are. we rap more mellow. PEACE

Monday, December 17, 2012

sipreano top 9 of 2012

re-posted from Light In The Attic Records

1) Thin Lizzy – Over 10 years ago, my dearly departed record guru, Ty Scammell (RIP), turned me on to Thin Lizzy’s debut Decca LP w/ Eric Bell-inspired air guitar antics and a tear in his eye from the emotive poetry of Phil Lynott. In 2012, I was fortunate to spearhead a LITA vinyl-only reissue of Thin Lizzy, mastered from the original tapes and featuring an extensive interview w/ none other than OG Thin Lizzy co-founder and guitarist, Eric Bell!@#$%!!! So honoured to be involved in this long overdue vinyl re-release. Thanks for the music Eric, Phil, and Brian (and Ty)!!!

2) LITA 10th anniversary celebrations: I’ve been working w/ LITA for almost ten years now. Our initial collaboration was on a reissue of Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy, the first title in what became the 6-album Jamaica-Toronto series. I’ll never forget meeting Wayne (who had been “missing” for years) in Toronto w/ LITA honcho Matt Sullivan during the winter of 2003. The December weather was wicked and wild w/ enough snow and ice to remind this transplanted West Coaster of the occasional sub zero temps of my Ontario youth. Playing vinyl records at L.A.’s The El Rey Theatre nine years later w/ Rodriguez, Shin Joong Hyun, Michael Chapman, and Stephen John Kalinich on stage was far from frigid, but equally heart-warming. It was incredible to see an eclectic mix of groovy people coming together for the love of music!!!

3) Upcoming LITA projects: I’m super honoured to be assembling two more archival albums for LITA, the first, a long overdue look at folk and rock from a key selection of North America’s finest aboriginal musicians. It’s been incredible working w/ spiritual artists like Canadian First Nations music, film, and cultural legend Willie Dunn, learning more about his life and digging deep down into the sound. Secondly, is another compilation we’ve been working on for a number of years now, Share The Land: Canada, the product of multiple cross-country research trips w/ my digging partner Birdapres, where we seek off-the-grid and little-known folk, psych, country, and soul, and most importantly, a greater understanding of the country we live in. Please keep your eyes peeled and ears open for these releases in 2013.

4) LadyhawkNo CanDo: No Can Do is Canadian rock group Ladyhawk’s third long player (released on vinyl and CD by Triple Crown Audio, home of Destroyer, Sports, and Duffy & The Doubters). Not to be confused w/ Kiwi chanteuse Ladyhawke, the ‘Hawk are hardcore rock and roll w/ an emotional melodic touch (hardcore like Crazy Horse, not hardcore like Black Flag, but hey, who am I to say!@#$%???) . Long time brethren born in the Kelowna, B.C., region, these musical brothers play in that special telekinetic way that so few musicians can. Seek No Can Do out!@#$%!!!

5) HK BBQ Master: Found underneath a giant grocery store in Richmond, B.C., HK BBQ Master is just that, the spot for Chinese char siu and other barbecued delicacies. This is a no-frills joint, a handful of tables, lovely staff, take-away biz, and 2 mind, body, and soul altering variations of chili sauce (one red, and one w/ burnt chili flakes immersed in oil w/ peanuts). Order fat or lean on your next B.C. visit (hey, you’re overdue for another stay, aren’t you???), you won’t be disappointed!@#$%!!!

6) Transmolecular –Offerations Vol. 1 and 1.2 Redemption Sessions: Hats off to my Transmolecular family Seekers International, WZRDRY A/V, ASTRX, and GALAXABURN. In December of 2012, we presented an evening of original art, music, and visuals unlike anything Vancouver has ever seen (well, at least since the Melodic Energy Commission’s early 1980s happening that advertised “original art, music, and visuals,” on a vintage concert poster Kamandi and I caught recently in a display of local punk-era artifacts!@#$%!!!). A reminder, that it’s all been done before??? Lol… Any which way, we tore it up for the heads and will continue to do so (this is just the beginning)!@#$%!!!

7) 9.79*: To quote “Let Your Backbone Slide” rapper Maestro Fresh Wes, “Ben Johnson’s still the fastest brother in the world.” I will never forget the elation and national pride watching Jamaican-Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson during the Seoul Olympics in 1988, probably the only time I’ve felt such an overwhelming patriotic feeling in regards to my country (well, until LITA’s Share The Land: Canada get released!@#$%!!!) A few days later, we all know Ben’s dream came crashing down and the track and field star’s career was tarnished forever. Director Daniel Gordon’s 9.79* is a gripping sports documentary that incredibly interviews every participant that epic 100 meter final and while the end results of that fateful race will never change, it definitely makes you think about how it all went down and what was going on behind the scenes. Any which way, Carl Lewis is still an arrogant prick (*sorry US brothers and sisters, f#ck that dude!@#$%!!!).

8) The Stone Roses: 2012 saw Manchester rock heroes, The Stone Roses (Mani, Ian, John, and Reni!@#$%!!!) overcome their differences and band up for a series of high profile reunion gigs. Over three days, they played to over 210,000 people at Heaton Park and while I couldn’t be there in person, I could certainly feel the positive vibrations all the way over here on the west coast of North America. I’ve wanted to see The Stone Roses live since the early 1990s after watching their “Fools Gold” video on late night CDN music TV. The next day, I raced to A&B Sound and bought The Stone Roses on cassette + repeated listens + much dancing + deep introspection= life changed forever!@#$%!!! How bout a stand-alone 2013 date in Canada or the States, eh??? “One Love.”

9) Holiday get together w/ Doug Randle: This one has yet to happen, but I’m very excited to meet w/ composer, arranger, and overall maestro Doug Randle this holiday season. He’ll be visiting Vancouver, B.C., to spend time w/ his daughter Joanne (w/ whom he’s just recorded a contemporary vocal jazz album w/) and it will be great to reconnect after a few years. Doug is an incredible visionary and deep music man rooted in Canada’s early jazz scene. His Songs For The New Industrial State (CBC, 1971/LITA, 2009) is a profoundly personal and timely socio-political masterpiece, a veritable What’s Goin On for open-minded heads who choose to dig (and listen) a little bit deeper than the rest. Not that you have to listen too hard to understand the still pertinent message Mr. Randle was laying down at the turn of the 1970s (inspired, at least in title, by Canadian-American economist John Kenneth Galbraith’s The New Industrial State).

neil wants colour

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"neil wants colour" projection

rebel with a cause

offerations vol. 1

good morning.
i want to dedicate this post to all who made transmolecular-offerations vol. 1/1.2 possible...
what really made it pop was the open contribution and positive energy of everyone that lent a hand, eye, ear or thought...
the music, art, and visuals of SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL, ASTRX, GALAXABURN, and WZRDRY A/V was a sight and sound to behold and i look forward to more events like this in the not too distant future, an expression of culture for the love.

offerations vol. 1/1.2 was another reminder that we are not alone in our vision...
thanks for the support good peoples!!!


Monday, December 10, 2012


*late 1990s video in event from kam and sip... gearing up for offerations vol. 1.2 this wednesday at the same spot (w/ transmolecular brethren). 1965 main street!@#$%!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

if you want a love affair

*just a little testifying here...

wanna send a BIG west coast hello to none other than the mighty pope!!! if you told me 15 years ago (when i first started digging for his records) that we'd later become fam, i would have laughed my head off in sheer disbelief!@#$%!!! whatever B.S. has crossed my path (in the music biz and beyond) it's been very comforting to know that pope's got ol' sip's back and for that i am eternally grateful!!! it feels BOSS to have such a friend on your side (shout to l.l. too!@#$%!!!)... even if you're not religious, it's easy to see (and hear) that this musical pope is still the ruler!!! to good things ahead in 2013!!! PEACE

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

der raeuber und der prinz

*shouts to the dancing bear (anybody got a spare/functional DJ mixer out there???)!!! hit me up)!@#$%!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

catalog vol. 1

redemption song

(no) regret

redemption sessions

ok friends, here's the skinny... due to unforeseen technical issues at VIVO, our transmolecular offerations vol. 1 installation was cancelled 2 hours after projected "showtime." while we were extremely bummed, we gotta give a GIANT shout to the 60+ friends, family, and friendly supporters (yes, all in their sunday best!@#$%!!!) who represented (and demonstrated immense patience while VIVO tried to get their equipment in order... no hard feelings, onward and upward!!!). also wanna give BIG props to the georgia straight for their initial print and web media coverage (LOVE it!!!). thankfully, we have been given another date in lieu and that date is DECEMBER 12, 2012 (7-10 pm). w/ a single shot at redemption, we WON'T back down!!! transmolecular offerations vol. 1.2: redemption sessions will showcase original art, music, and visuals from SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL, WZRDRY A/V, ASTRX, GALAXABURN, and yours truly, SIPREANO. please tell your good peoples about this event. one for the books!@#$%!!!

*all of the artwork and merchandise (prints large and small, buttons, catalog, vinyl, tapes, CDs, etc...) will once again be available for purchase. most of these materials are strictly limited, so don't forget to bring some extra corn if you fancy such stuffs (for the deep dish archives??? XMAS gifts for that special space cadet in your life??? old-fashioned shopping addiction???)...

**ok, enough promotional poppycock, we will let the music and art speak for itself on the 12th. hope to see you there. PEACE!@#$%!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

song for the middle ag-ed

*thinking of doug today. in these days of disposable everything, i will never forget your eternal contribution to canada's cultural fabric. thanks for breaking it down for us (at the turn of the 1970s, no less). best vibes from the coast!@#$%!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

HK BBQ master needs your help...

please vote for (HK) BBQ master in the 2013 chinese restaurant awards  (help eric and co. make it 5 years in a row in the "best BBQ shop" category)!@#$%!!! grabbed lunch at HK today w/ momo and hit a side of liver (in addition to a 2-item combo and lemon tea). been wanting to eat that (again) for a hot minute (can't wait for save on to add liver/onions to the menu, it may be a while before it gets as trendy as chicken and waffles)!@#$%!!! anyway, so good!!! PEACE

official paul mccartney after-party

cornet at night

Cornet at Night by Stanley Jackson, National Film Board of Canada

Transmolecular sounds hit VIVO Media Arts

Taken from...

By Gregory Adams,
Vancouver’s experimental Transmolecular collective runs the gamut from dub to electronic to folk, but the local musicians will band together this week for a group exhibition titled Offerations Vol. 1. The event takes place this Sunday (November 25) at VIVO Media Arts, and will feature audio and visual works created specifically for the program by Wzrdry A/V, Astrx, Galaxaburn, Sipreano, and Seekers International.
According to Seekers (aka Spencer Ocampo), the troupe has been prepping the show for years, and attempted something similar at the same venue back in the late ’90s, when it was dubbed the Video In. This time around, each artist is putting together their own 30-minute segment; Ocampo’s contribution meshes new work in the vein of his most recent dubby outing The Call From Below with visuals supplied by fellow Transmolecular member Mystery Forms.
“You’ll hear dub here, or funk here or there,” he said of the night’s anticipated soundscapes. “But it’s about trying to squeeze something else out of it than the usual, formulaic things. That’s been our m.o. for a while.”

Monday, November 19, 2012

st. just vigilantes

ok, can't keep away from this place!@#$%!!! but before i vanish into the sonic ether for a spell, wanted to give a BIG shout out to st. just vigilantes who have some boss new material to share. this london/vancouver collabo is generating international feel of epic proportions and channeling some serious vibes!@#$%!!! nuff thanks to j. orr for the link!!!


had a late night duffin's meeting yesterday w/ the transmolecular brethren in preparation for our upcoming group show at vancouver's VIVO this coming sunday (nov. 25, 3-6 pm, 1965 main street). TRANMOLECULAR OFFERATIONS Vol. 1 will be an afternoon of original music, art, and visuals like our coastal city has never witnessed, anchored by new works from WZRDRY A/V, ASTRX, GALAXABURN, SIPREANO, and SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL!@#$%!!!

PS - wear your sunday's best. come again??? right!!!
PPS - official afterparty (paul mccartney at B.C. place)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

180 proof records

just wanted to send a VIN shout out to DJ amir, CEO and founder of NYC's 180 proof records, a new reissue record label who have launched their imprint w/ a crucial glimpse into the little-known history of detroit's strata records. the first release is an unreleased album by strata label boss kenny cox (clap clap! the joyful noise), some seriously deep jazz business. enjoy the links and keep your eyes peeled for 180 proof titles!@#$%!!! PEACE

under the burning sun

Thursday, November 1, 2012

you read my mind (ladyhawk news)

*2 night stand for ladyhawk at the biltmore (nov. 1-2) and hella fresh "you read my mind" video explosion via yackatundra youtube channel!@#$%!!! PEACE

thin lizzy-s/t (rolling stone review)

*available from LITA records (vinyl-only)!@#$%!!! essential rock for the heavy rollers...

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Monday, October 29, 2012

neil young-in concert (BBC, 1971)

*just copped the new neil young book (waging heavy peace) at chapters and going to see the man himself (along w/ los lobos and the sadies) on november 11. 2 hype!@#$%!!! don't front (if you know better). REMEMBER!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

mo' mowest...

one of my BIGGEST thrills at light in the attic's 10th anniversary jam in L.A. was dropping an extended selection of tracks from the double LP, our lives are shaped by what we love: motown's mowest story 1971-1973. as a hub for music, TV, and film, los angeles is a city rich in history and feeling and i couldn't help but smile as the records played through the warm el rey sound system. today, such music has an extended global audience, far beyond the reach of the original records (thank you internet!@#$%!!! ). above is a scan of the japanese OBI (magnum cat/disk union) for the our lives are shaped by what we love CD... hope music heads there enjoy the music as much as we do here in north america (def time for another visit to the land of the rising sun!@#$%!!!). it was an honour compiling and annotating this release for LITA. here's to more fun ahead... PEACE!!!