Thursday, June 28, 2012

ソリトン 金の斧銀の斧 ゲスト (hiroshi fujiwara)

mellow madness @ basement bar (1)

sending good vibes to the roses...

not that ya need 'em, but i know you'd appreciate the positivity...

in 2000, my dad and i walked by ian brown on the streets of london. 10 steps or so later my mind exploded!@#$%!!! how could i not approach the man who literally changed my life (after hearing "fools gold" on much music in 1990, i immediately rushed to the surrey A&B and started spreading the roses' gospel). turning around and bolting back, i caught up to the iconic singer and professed my eternal thanks, "i just want to give you my love and respect," i said. "i'm giving it right back to you," was brown's warm, instant, reply.

i never did catch the stone roses live and despite their legendary status, i don't think the original line-up ever made it to north america. still, i definitely recall back-of-the-bus discussion w/ high school acquaintances about whether or not they'd make it here, creating a temporary kinship between fellow music lovers. in the mid-1990s, post second coming, the group finally hit canada, but i didn't make the effort to attend their sold-out toronto show, despite visiting ontario at the time, igniting a longtime concert regret in the process. no excuses, but w/o original drummer alan "reni" wren (who'd been replaced by ex-rebel MC percussionist robbie maddox after the hatted one's mysterious 1995 departure), i'm afraid it mightn't have lived up to my expectations anyways. seeing john squire's lukewarm seahorses in 1997 at vancouver's the rage nightclub was barely a consolation (sorry john).

well, much to my surprise (and the delight of 225,000 heaton park ticket holders), the definitive stone roses line-up of brown, squire, gary "mani" mounfield, and wren have joined forces for what is easily one of the biggest reunions of rock. while there's been haters and supporters all "vying" for precious internet space on the subject, i feel it's the former that are truly missing out (don't worry, it's not too late to join the party!@#$%!!!). "ian can't sing," "they're too old," "cash grab," "one (barely) good album," are some of their cries. of course, we're all entitled to our own opinions, but for me, seeing the roses in 2012 (BIG prayers that they make it to north america in 2013!!!), is all about giving thanks. thanks to the men who changed our lives (or at least provided at soundtrack to a formative part of it). though it's impossible to recreate the past, heaton park will certainly be one hell of a heavenly celebration!@#$%!!! keep on rolling dear roses...

"one love"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

november 11, 2012

*copped tix for this yesterday. so hype!!! PS - los lobos and the sadies just added to the vancouver show!@#$%!!! OMG!!! general admission floor (get 'em quick fast)!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

diddy blog #37 a message to the DJ

digging this puff daddy blog post (thanks to a link from mr. supreme). two dudes who know what's up re nightlife... where the DJs at???


"ritual ideas, relativity... only buildings, no people prophecy... timeslide, place to hide, nudge reality... foresight, minds wide, magic imagery..."

so hype.
still vital.
where are the B.A.D.s of today???
*props to the dancing bear for hipping me to this jam!@#$%!!! 12" version (see below) in max rotation at VIN HQ...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


RIP ray...

dr who

the first time i experienced reggae through a proper sound system was at the old twilight zone (7 alexander) in gastown. my friend james bell threw a ska, soul, and jamaican music party for a spell in the mid-1990s (starting around '94) and i'd venture downtown from coquitlam each week in support (drinking a pitcher of beer and dancing till close in the process). james, heavily inspired by working class UK subculture, was a full-on boots and braces skinhead. not only did he sport sta-prest trousers, colourful ben shermans, sheep skin jackets, and a close crop w/ a very smart part, but he was building a deep collection of original JA sounds on 7" vinyl. bolstered by trips to the UK and pre-Internet/eBay mail order, he amassed singles from the kingstonians, the upsetters, and "dr. who" by derrick harriott and the crystalites (featuring bongo herman and les). w/ its freaked-out spoken word intro and moon hopping beat, "dr. who" was always a boss favourite!@#$%!!! barely twenty and a skatalites, specials, and clash obsessive, i'd never been exposed such outrageous reggae sounds before. to hear them amplified to club quaking decibels in a gritty (black walls, exposed metal, iron dancing cages) vancouver bar made them even more twisted and surreal. it changed my life. this post is for you james (RIP) and to the crystalites of course!!! PEACE