Friday, January 11, 2013

wzrdryAV - pacific greyscale (2013)

From Digitalis Industries
With the release of wzrdryAV’s Pacific Greyscale, another piece of the Transmolecular Compendium takes shape and is revealed. Vancouver’s Kelly Nairn is another integral player in this collection of artists (his collaborative efforts with SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL cannot be missed) and musicians and these 40 minutes are an impeccably crafted journey through the sites and emotions of his home on the Pacific Canadian coast.
Electronic daydreams search through deep rhythmic drifts and chilled salt waves. Nairn’s sounds are looped over and over until they swaddle you like a soft, warm quilt. On the surface, this is relaxing music but there’s a hint of paranoia and general strangeness mixed in that keeps proceedings from finding too much bliss. Pacific Greyscale will take you somewhere for sure, but each listen reveals new destinations. Edition of 50.

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