Thursday, January 24, 2013

rip-off (1971)

*(almost) surprised to see this on youtube the other day. rip-off is a film by canadian director don shebib, the follow-up to his landmark goin' down the road. remember being really bummed about this flick after buying a 1980s american VHS edition (disguised under the title "virgin territory," the only way it was available for years). the copy was in horrible condition (audio/visual wise) and my high expectations for a film about young hippies who leave the city to start a commune were disappointedly dashed. the emotional performances, gravity, and edge of goin' down the road appeared to be absent on first view. looking forward to a re-watch though. imagine there's at least some nice early 1970s ontario vibes, a few cheap laughs, and early cancon on display (if nothing else)... one interesting thing to note is that a portion of rip-off's soundtrack was provided by murray mclauchlan (a young bruce cockburn had material on goin' down the road), early work from a canadian SSW legend. PEACE

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  1. if you haven't seen "goin' down the road" yet, seek it out...