Wednesday, January 16, 2013

vancouver concert posters

*vancouver concert posters is an INCREDIBLE new on-line resource showcasing a wide range of cultural artifacts. curated by rob frith (neptoon records) w/ help from ben frith, i'll be checking back here regularly (new content will be added on the reg)!@#$%!!!

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  1. i know it doesn't fit w/ the era of this beautiful oscar peterson poster, but looking at it makes me wanna cue up the maestro's take on gino vannelli's "wheels of life"!@#$%!!! just checked for a youtube clip, but there isn't one. hmmm... sometimes you just have to a little dig deeper if you want the goods... well, at least over to the shelf to grab the 7". if anyone wants to hear this, drop by the crib!!! google may help as well!@#$%??? lol...