Monday, January 28, 2013


*haven't had a footwear post in a while. that's cause i rarely buy them. but w/ my knees aching more and more like the old man i am becoming and my yen for walking the streets not subsiding, i finally bit the bullet and copped some new kicks. holy sh!t good people!@#$%!!! these sneakers (nike pegasus) are comfy as clouds (just projecting here!!! don't really know what clouds feel like)—the cushioning is truly sumptuous!@#$%!!! i haven't bought a pair of running shoes in at least 10 years and it appears that something has changed in sports footwear ("duh, really???" snides the peanut gallery). sorry, i'm a little slow sometimes... they were even under $100. i'm floating, speechless, and a little embarrassed. wonder how long this feeling will last???

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