Saturday, January 5, 2013

the changes...

i had a business lunch w/ the stunt man yesterday regarding a mastering project he's working on for LITA (more to follow!!!). we went to on lok on hastings and decided to order from the lunch specials board as you walk  in, on the right. anyways, as we so often do after eating, we hit the 7-11 in the strip mall just east of the restaurant. TSM  noticed a "SOLD" notice on the larger mall sign advertising penny restaurant (the location of one of my best meals ever and possibly the worst, i'll save that tale for another session) and the other businesses (laundry mat, two bakeries, little ceasars pizza, etc...). MORE condos??? a few years ago, i would've had a sad tinge of nostalgia (re: late night munchies missions at the sev, sobering up in the parking lot, waiting for a friend...) or bitterness (how many f#cking sh!tty apartments do we need in vancouver!@#$%???), now i'm simply reconciled to the fact that change of this nature is inevitable. nothing is sacred. well, city planning wise anyways...

*below is a "holy grail" business card (for me and the old school homies anyways!!!). WONTON NOODLES (on hastings) RIP!@#$%!!! now, HERE is a joint that i miss (now "volcano sushi," barf, still a stones throw from on lok and 7-11, i cry...). tom, you still out there doing your thing???


  1. this post is sponsored by "(ANOTHER) WINTER IN VANCOUVER"...

  2. I really miss Wonton Noodles as well. Tom told me he was going to close for a short vacation and re-open at a new location elsewhere. I left him my contact number but I never did hear from him again.
    Their beef brisket & wonton noodle was the best in town.

  3. Thanks for the comment Steve. Still miss this place... Here's another WNROH inspired post: