Friday, January 14, 2011

where were you??? #3

here's a vid from a 2005 broadcast concert at richard's on richards in vancouver. perhaps because the show fell on halloween, there were about 15 people in the club, 30 tops... i remember roaming around the ghost town-like venue in a trance, totally seduced by the band and the haunting richard's atmosphere. was it a dream? apparently not... cbc radio 3 were there to record the show and subsequently posted selected songs on their website—was also surprised to see this video footage. over the years, i've recalled this gig as one of my top concert experiences. combined with a psychedelic-style light show and full band set-up (*broadcast often toured north america in smaller configurations), i felt like i was seeing the jefferson airplane in 1967. not that broadcast were conceived as a purely 1960's-70's revivalist entity, their alliance with warp records and use of modern technology, merged with forward-thinking ideas and thought, truly separated them from the pack and helped to forge a unique identity for the group...

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