Wednesday, January 19, 2011

H.O.D. #1

ok, here you go...
this is the jam! i can safely say that there's nothing like it in vancouver right now. for me, it's simply a celebration of music and love of the dance. i'm riding the rock and pop tunes right out, the way they were intended to be listened to (*note: fleetwood mac, the rolling stones, etc... do not need any extra "beats" thrown on top of it... they're perfect as is!)... i like my 1960's-1970's music raw and my disco hard (and soft too)... but yes, we will boogie... to OGs on wax! w/ friends, family, and lovers. boss sounds from london to tokyo, new york to brazil, jamaica to toronto (and back again). if you wanna know the roots, peep this... if you trust your local DJ, peep this... if you like to get lifted, peep this...
we'll see you on the 4th!!!
*i'll let jason lev drop jewels regarding his truth is light room, but rest assured it will bring each and every drop of musical madness he is known for world-wide... we're both ecstatic to be throwing this party with/at the waldorf hotel...

City Limits Discotheque PR:

Do the words Graceland, Luv-a-Fair, Red Lounge, Twilight Zone, Chameleon Urban Lounge, Sugar Refinery, Starfish Room, Ms T's and Town Pump mean anything to you? Hearkening back to the once vibrant spirit of independent Vancouver nightlife that has long since vanished, City Limits Discotheque in the Waldorf Cabaret is a return to form. Featuring an eclectic and timeless array of dance music—from classic UK indie rock to American R&B, funk, Jamaican reggae, world-beat, 1960's garage, 1970's AM gold, black disco, and European electronic—decades and genres will hang together in union. Songs, some well loved, others, long forgotten, will open your mind to new dimensions, but don't forget to bring your dancing shoes. These grooves are set to move. Featuring resident selector Sipreano (Light In The Attic Records), each monthly edition will bring fresh faces into the mix along with special guest DJs from around the world...

This month we are proud to showcase Kamandi (Soulcial) and The Stunt Man (Titan Sound). Kamandi cut his teeth at the Chameleon Urban Lounge and various sheebens on Hastings Street during the mid-1990's. Currently running the Zunga sound system in Powell River, B.C., he shares the stage with The Stunt Man, Vancouver's #1 funk, 1980's, and Hip-Hop DJ.


  1. this is so stoking. but i am so bummed that i won't be here for it... so bummed...

  2. !!! Grooves set to move !!! SO stoked for this !!! City Limits Discotheque !!! Woo !!!

  3. Whoa, monthly, bananas - see you there!

  4. Damn! This is the type of party I need to be at. Next time I am in Vancouver I pray it falls on the right Friday!