Saturday, January 15, 2011

the cabinet

i had the most amazing dream last night that really got cooking around 4:30 am after being woken by a loud CRASH outside my window. i couldn't exactly tell where the noise came from, but it was unquestionably the sound of screeching tires and metal on metal, followed by an uncomfortable silence... as my car was parked not too far away, i dreaded that my trusty chariot was on the loosing side of a cowardly hit-and-run. still, half awake and not wanting to get into a potentially nasty scene, i slowly drifted back to sleep... from there on i was treated to a surreal series of fantastical imagery and oddball interaction. my visions took me back to my first family home in richmond hill, ontario, a subsequent one in unionville, an unknown park, and finally a fictional beach on the pacific ocean that i believe to be near white rock. though they were familiar settings, they all contained some sort of twisted twist. at the richmond hill house location, we had long since moved out, but for some strange reason the folks who currently owned it were out of town and were letting me stay there for the weekend. to make matters crazier, they had a variety of pictures of us in various rooms around the house. as i raced about trying to remember the house's old rooms and such, my mind materialized vintage snaps on polaroid film and "motion picture" paper (*moving pictures on a normal piece of scrap paper) to peruse. i saw a series of made-up scenarios that clicked in theory, and though not too far from reality, never actually happened. as least as much as i can recall. there was good-times beach imagery, sporting fun with cousins, and delicious meals in rich and vivid colours... when i was lifted out of this dream state a deep calm came over me. i thought to myself how incredible it was to be granted such positive vibrations, which immediately shifted to how did this happen and why don't we get to experience such things on command? well, maybe in the future... thinking a little more about the reasoning behind these dreams, i believe i discovered the catalyst—the cabinet. see, my brother is about to move to toronto. it's a big move for him and i'm very happy that's he's taking this step. i know that he'll thrive there. in preparation, he's bringing over our old living room cabinet for me to house, the keeper of truly magic things, including some of the treasures who made me who i am. growing up, my parents kept their record collections inside the lower left-hand drawers, my first musical education. we also kept our family photos there, a place i often went to reflect and celebrate life's special happenings. there was also a glass-lined bar, where i snuck my first sip of booze. actually, no, that was at the family dinner table, but it's easy to imagine that it could have happened that way. any which way, i can definitely say that my dad did keep his GIANT headphones there, the same set that i use today when DJ'ing. having this wall unit at my current living space not only brings back many warm memories, but also excites me as to what i'll put inside... here's to hoping that the cabinet's new contents can provide the same inspiration that i took from it, to whoever peeks within...

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