Sunday, January 23, 2011

"mr. fortune & fame"

wow!@#$%/!!! super honoured to be posting this and the following entry, the front and back covers of the forthcoming sureshot symphony solution! featuring the mighty pope "mr. fortune & fame" 7". when i think back to my early days of digging for old records in the mid-1990's, it's safe to say that i never imaged to be working w/ either of these fine folks. the mighty pope, canada's first black solo artist on a major label (*think about it!), was an early vinyl discovery for me. his tough-as-nails R&B/funk work w/ the hitch-hikers and his own namesake soul/disco groovers from the 1970's always put a smile on my face (and people on the dance floor)… deejay sureshot (aka shane hunt, the sharpshooters) was another key inspiration who taught me to listen with open ears, dig deeper, and perhaps most importantly, keep a strong sense of humour. needless to say, both of these men changed my life in a BIG way. after meeting at the second jamaica to toronto concert in 2007, shot and pope became fast friends and reunited last year in san francisco to record a banging psychedelic funk record, "mr. fortune & fame"… the results are nothing short of staggering. the sureshot symphony solution! featuring the mighty pope is generations, cultures, countries, and experience coming together in unison... cop it!!!


  1. update: i am still friends w/ pope. we call it family. though the past is the past and the past was often a blast, shot is now dead to us... BIG lesson learned. to note, anything released w/ pope vocals by shane hunt after this title was issued (including the excelsiors LP on BBE, SMH records 7" set, and whatever else gets tossed out somewhere down the line) was done w/o the support and blessing of the mighty pope SEEN