Tuesday, January 4, 2011

rap city

wow, the stunt man just sent this over to me and it got me thinking...

hmm, remember (hopefully you do!!!) when much music's mandate seemed to have education in the mix? here's a sample of the first episode of rap city (hosted by the incredible michael williams). peep the boss intro and red alert interview. damn, he's breaking it down! gotta say though, watching this clip makes me a little angry and sad—looking back to a time when canadian music television really broke it down for the young viewers instead of finding progressively disturbing ways of selling more and more manufactured pop product.  i know we have other valuable resources for information today (if you can sort through the e-quagmire) and perhaps the youth of 2011 will wax poetic about what's happening right now just as i am, but rap city was the type of intelligent and soulful content/programming that literally changed lives... RIP


  1. muchmusic used to be my televised bible! i remember seeing the cure "love song" video on the wedge... simon??

    i always watched sook-yin because she was alternata-asian like myself...

    definitely remember the steve anthony/erica ehm/michael williams days too..

  2. i used to have redhead kingpin tape! before my family had cable, i used to get friends to record shows like city limits (pre-wedge) for me. they used to actually play videos. indie videos, canadian videos, world videos (remember clip trip??), anything. i mean, i was young and excited about everything, but i used to find out about so many cool bands from much music, mostly canadian bands form the prairies or the maritimes or even from vancouver just down the road. the last time i flipped to much music when i was at my parent's house, there was half an hour of actual music video in between marathons of bullshit programming. the DID play a bunch of canadian bands, but every single video was from universal music canada. suspicious. remember the indie spotlight? maybe i'm just getting old, but modern life is rubbish. BACK TO THE LAND, COMRADES!!!

  3. ohhhh yeah... city limits! it had a super cool intro as i recall! kev, you should find it and post it on this here blog...

    totes remember the indie spotlight! remember power hour? which turned into the pepsi power hour.. which morphed into the pepsi power 30... haha...

    i remember seeing a band called "the railway children" on the wedge and going to buy their tape the next day at a&b sound.

    muchmusic is virtually unrecognizable now.