Friday, August 3, 2012

state address

or another rant??? simply trying to make sense of it all (i keep hearing that 3 feet high and rising voice in my head, "what does it all mean") while speaking out loud (since 2010)!!!

ok, was happy to find april wine's "oceana" on youtube this morning!!! it's a heavy song from their self-titled debut LP on aquarius records (*think there was also a US release). keep your eyes peeled for this and other early april wine albums (like electric jewels!@#$%!!!). so, so good... vancouver summer is here and today is definitely a beach day. you know where to find me. in the "hot pocket." looking forward to PRIDE 2012 festivities on sunday. this will be my first PRIDE and i'm really excited to attend. it's an event i've wanted to peep for a long time and thanks to todd at otis records on davie (w/ speaker help from the stunt man), i actually get to drop some tunes for the throngs. think thongs and the pet shop boys ("west end girls," duh!@#$%!!!), "brothers"-era D.A.F., modern talking ("you're my heart, you're my soul" steelo), laidback ("sunshine reggae"), LIME ("i don't wanna loose you"), etc... word on the street is that there may even be an appearance from none other than ol' dancing bear (heading down from the mountains for a timely DJ slot). what else? donated my DJ services to a lovely wedding last weekend. booze was flowing all day and by 10 pm people were fully ready to get down. it was fun playing a few pop requests and dropping some lesser known boogie business (um, not talking about actual "boogie" music). "let your backbone slide" made a crucial showing as did a dope quebecois 7" i recently picked up. just received a special package in the mail from the ojibway and cree cultural centre, pieces of a puzzle i'm currently assembling for LITA. such an honour working w/ this spiritual material (an honour i do not take lightly) and i'm still scratching my head at how our project of first nations/inuit/yupik folk-rock is coming together. slowly, but surely... one step at a time. i promise to keep you in the loop as we progress (you won't be disappointed!!!). shout outs to shingoose (stay strong) and duke redbird while we're at it!!! the stone roses reunion is still the only current music story that matters round here right now (bless you DJ ichy for your fuji rock 2012 review!!!) ok, and the forthcoming ladyhawk LP no can do, but i'm getting sick of every music business/marketing/promotion/media/corporate culture angle these days. it's a total turn off. archival work and digging deep(er) is my antidote. FYI (to any readers out there), i listen to records, MP3s, CDs, cassettes (in the whip), and vibe out as much as possible. music, to me, is not format specific. of course, certain formats (see above) will have certain fidelity (warmth, BASS, etc...). the most important thing is that one listens... preferably w/ open ears. here's a boring scenario: garage rock meet garage rock in a garage rock fashion, w/ garage rock for dessert (replace w/ "psych," "punk," "reggae," "hip-hop" or whatever genre you can think of). garage rock after-party (wink emoticon here)!!! sound interesting??? true diversity. understanding. love. it's gotta happen (and coming soon to a theatre near you!!!). the taste, crafted for years, is already there, why be shy about it (brand strengthening be damned!!!). as i said before, it's coming. but whatever you do, please beat the corporate cultural giants to it, ok (they may actually be leading that race, ex) red bull music academy)??? disclaimer: i took red bull cheddar (interviewing bernard "pretty" purdie, wine connoisseur cut chemist, and dope DJ/producer tiga in VAN, TDOT, and MTL) a handful of years back and actually enjoy the drink as a pep from time to time. was i really just talking about energy drinks??? ok, eye spy time... glancing to my left is a cassette sleeve for and the beat goes on... a musical history of ranking roger (gotta scan this for you!@#$%!!!) and to my right, a box of 7"s along w/ a tilley baseball/desert raider hat. straight ahead is my hands typing your this message on a macbook pro laptop (was that a form of product placement???). above, an arctic set thrift store score painting and a even higher, a french-canadian musket from 1837 (thief deterrent and a gift from my departed grandad on my 16th birthday!@#$%!!!). today, i am thirty-seven years of age. i live w/ the love of my life. there are no dogs, but insects like to join the party from time to time (like real bugs, not house guests, those, we LOVE!!!). there is food in the fridge. there is even some food on the floor (gotta clean that stat!!!). the name is sipset salmon gang (i jacked that from US rap producer jake one via a message board post he made about my voluntary in nature mix from the mid-2000s). ok (once more). PEACE


  1. Coming soon!!! Now is the time!!! It's here, it's happening!!!

  2. Don't be shy!!! Follow the Dream!!!