Monday, August 27, 2012


*i first met rapper and multi-talented renaissance man arcee (pictured above) over 10 years back at a grassroots' show in gastown, vancouver. i heard the mic controller might have a link re finding an elusive vinyl copy of ananda shankar and his music (EMI india), something i was fiending for at the time. the record nerd in me quickly said "sayonara" to any social anxiety that could arise from approaching a relative stranger at a strange bar and i stepped to the man w/ high hopes. the power of vinyl!@#$%!!! while i didn't have any luck that night on the record front, i got to know arcee years later as 1/3rd of the mighty cratery crew (along w/ kaewonder and DJ serious). i don't think he remembered our initial meeting, but was quick to raise a toast, crack a joke, and share a smoke in finest of style (not to mention his uncanny ability to breath new life into old stacks of wax by sharing his deep-seated passion and open knowledge in a selfless way). no attitude here, arcee is simply the dude, a solid bloke, tip top cat... however you wanna parlay it. maybe it's time to start that arcee fan club (please send .99 cents in a self-addressed stamped envelope to voluntary in nature). never stop digging AR!@#$%!!! as if, eh... you can't stop the rock kokanee flow!@#$%!@!!!

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