Thursday, August 9, 2012

ladyhawk-no can do (2012)

Howdy rock fans (don’t forget to roll), it’s 2012 and things have certainly done changed!@#$%!!! The once inspirational MuchMusic is now a tween’d up joke of its former self and from coast-to-coast, the CBC has just dismantled its regional music libraries to clear room for rentable office space. Were the programmers/hosts even tapping into the vast vaults of vinyl and CDs??? Ah, right, no big loss then. In bigger news, social networking has eclipsed traditional print/radio/TV's readership, ratings, and relevance (this Internet contraption is addictive, eh???) and on the local record label front, Triple Crown Audio have made Vancouver-based/Kelowna-bred Ladyhawk an offer they couldn’t refuse, quality vinyl distributed right from their hometown.

So what does it all mean senor??? In these diluted days and nights of corporate culture dominance, it’s getting harder and harder to find bands who make music for music’s sake. Thankfully, Ladyhawk are bringing it back to the essence w/ their latest long player release. No Can Do is the group’s third studio album. It’s also their most assertive and soul stirring yet, available on CD/LP/Digital via Triple Crown (home to fine recordings by Destroyer along w/ Ladyhawk-affiliated Sports and Duffy & The Doubters). Featuring 10 Duffy Driediger (lead vocals, guitar) penned songs performed in the telekinetic way only Darcy Hancock (lead guitar, vocals), Sean Hawryluk (bass, vocals), and Ryan Peters (drums, vocals) can, No Can Do (*no relation to Hall & Oates, Chromeo or Kiwi chanteuse Ladyhawke while we’re at it) rips hard and harder. Recorded at The HIVE Creative Labs w/ Colin Stewart (+ electro-acoustic help from Black Mountain/Lightning Dust’s Joshua Wells), mastered by audio guru Jeff Lipton (Bon Iver, Destroyer-Kaputt, Numero Group) w/ the good people at Chicago Mastering Service handling the crucial vinyl lacquer cut, the results are rebel rousing to say the least. 

Having watched Ladyhawk evolve from “The Dugout” (Ladyhawk, 2006), “War” (Fight For Anarchy EP, 2007), and “You Ran” (Shots, 2008) to its current perch as grizzled (but always lovable) veterans of the Canadian music landscape, I can guarantee that this album will fuck you up something good. Don’t believe me??? Try it for yourself any way you see fit. Stand and be counted at one of their upcoming live shows, listen to No Can Do outside (*equally effective in mother nature as accompaniment for your daily street beat rituals) or even as a soundtrack to your next house party. Whatever shape your support takes, don’t forget to dance (even if you end up flat on your ass in a beer-soaked Horseshoe Tavern or deep in a puddle at a soggy interior B.C. baseball diamond)!!! Blessed w/ the ability to lift us high and higher, never loose faith. Ladyhawk will take care of the rest.

-       Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (Voluntary In Nature, Light In The Attic)

PS – Oh yeah, what does No Can Do actually sound like??? Choice!!! Potential clues for lazy journalists who won’t actually peep the album itself: Duffy posts some mental videos on his the eye of ladyhawk blog, Darcy cooks up dream BBQ (and loves Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and INXS), Sean also plays in Baptists/Slow Learners, and Ryan has been linked to a certain TIME COOKIE. Keep digging out there peoples... PEACE!@#$%!!!

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