Wednesday, August 1, 2012

maple leaf gardens

i LOVED going to toronto's maple leaf gardens as a kid. of course, i saw the leafs (including a crazy come back game against the L.A. kings back in the late 1980s, hockey heads may know what i'm talking about here), but also the beastie boys, and a little earlier, kamala "the ugandan headhunter" against hulk hogan in a championship title match (steel cage to boot, lol...)!@#$%!!! i remember the old-school urinals which was just a long wall to slash against. um, the concessions were good too... anyways, TJ just sent me this ill pic from the gardens' rafters sparking a lil' flashback session. i know there's been renovations and some changes to the building since its heyday (including the addition of a flagship loblaws grocery store), but from the outside, MLG still looms large on carlton street. PEACE

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