Sunday, July 7, 2013


*any friend of sipreano know's that this kid ADORES the pet shop boys!@#$%!!! i recall pumping "domino dancing" from my yellow sony sports walkman on a cold ontario evening in the late 1980s at horseshoe valley ski resort, maxing out to the introspective cassette w/ the wind in my hair on the long and winding road to and from tofino in the 1990s, tons of sweaty club nights propelled by tracks like "west end girls," "it's a sin," and "love comes quickly"—even tripping out w/ dancing bear at their last vancouver concert a few years back. they've been around forever and keep releasing musical magic (their latest album, electric, featuring the track "vocal," drops july 15). with a strong visual (as well as sonic, of course) presence, PSB's live shows are totally spectacular and i'm hella stoked they'll be on the west coast again this october. if you're anything of a fan or even a casual listener who likes going to shows, def cop a ticket asap. you won't regret it!@#$%!!! here's to many more creative years ahead for misters tennant and lowe!!! any which way, their music will play forever... PEACE