Tuesday, July 9, 2013

(play) ketchup

though i always seem to have a bottle of the red stuff around (no, not vino...), i've never really been a MASSIVE ketchup fan... for years the only thing i'd use it for was home-cut french fries, the thick starchy kind. if it was put on a burger w/ plenty of mustard, i wouldn't flip, but the thought of a hot dog w/ ketchup as the only condiment (*a "classic" to some) makes me gag. HARD. the same goes for putting a big ol' blob on your kraft dinner or even poutine (F-R-E-S-H tomatoes all the way!@#$%!!!). anyone wanna rap about the hotly debated pad thai/ketchup controversy??? anyone??? cocktail sauce (ketchup w/ horseradish) is really good, so perhaps my saucy stance should be a little more relaxed. damn, maybe i don't know what the f@ck i'm talking about. well, except that i'm talking about ketchup!@#$%!!! love it or hate it (i'm clearly still figuring it out), this post is dedicated to YOU!!!

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