Monday, July 22, 2013

a week from today...

*i'm taking a lil' VIN blog breather over the next week or so... they'll be (much, much) more soon, trust me. until then, let me leave you w/ some promo for the stunt man's long-running 45 throwdown (held at save on meats, 43 w. hastings, vancouver). monday, july 29's edition (7 pm till ???) will feature none other than 2/3rds of cratery: arcee and kaewonder (DJ serious is holding down the fort back in ontario). this is a rare opp to peep two TDOT dons do their thing, in this instance, drop record after record... black gold. funk, soul, reggae, psych, disco, you know how we roll... or DO you??? here's the perfect opportunity to rock w/ us!@#$%!!! PS - (LET THE) ROCK KOKANEE FLOW (4EVER)!@#$%!!! PEACE

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