Saturday, September 1, 2012

the tragedy of macbeth

*went to bard on the beach last night for shakespeare's macbeth and drifted off into some great flashbacks of a grade 9 trip to stratford, ontario, to catch a production of the merchant of venice. i recalled sitting near the back of a long yellow school bus, w/ a full seat to myself, deeply immersed in a cassette copy of the english beat's what is beat? as the sounds pumped somewhat plaintively from my first walkman, i reveled in the freedom and break from daily classes. stratford was at least a two-hour drive from our high school in markham, so there was plenty of time to loose myself in the music and roadside views, ski hills w/ no snow and flat rural settings once we'd jetted past city limits. upon arrival, i spotted a record store and the local 7-11 convenience store, hoping to stop by both during some brief spare time we had in the town before the play began. we'd been studying shakespeare in english class, but i must admit, it was a touch over my head at the time (and likely still is). during the intermission segment, a few mischievous schoolmates and i broke out of the theater and headed for a treat at the "sev." i still have no idea how our teachers (or theater staff for that matter) didn't spot us leaving. maybe they simply figured it was our loss... tieffing a small handful of penny candy, i remember our crew laughing w/ some school girls who clearly had the same intermission idea as we had. i quickly popped round the record store (there was a gothic/UK vibe to the wall selections and overall atmosphere), but was in way over my head at the time as my tastes were just starting to take shape. the vinyl looked fantastic though and i can only image what i would have found today if i could travel back in time... anyways, back to shakespeare. some 23 years later and i finally made it through a complete shakespeare play!@#$%!!! i really enjoyed macbeth, and eager to view the roman polanski film version... remember, it's never too late to enjoy some live theater. you never know where it will take you!!!

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