Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sasamat lake

morning friends... witnessed a horrific car crash yesterday en-route to sasamat lake for an evening swim. a car ripped through a red light at high speed and smashed into an oncoming truck less than 10 feet away!!! gulp!@#$%!!! slow down peoples. anyways, back to the lake. w/ summer having morphed into fall right before our very eyes, ash/i have been hitting sasamat for quick dips while we still can. it's a relatively small lake (approx. 35 minutes from van), but w/ cement dock and (family) beach access (not to mention lots of little nooks and crannies one can set up shop at during the day), there's plenty of places to chill. in prime summer time, the docks are quite the scene. suburban yahoos dominate w/ testosterone/attitude to match. come september, it's a mellow, peaceful affair (phew!!!). mostly tourists, the odd couple, wet-suited long distance swimmers in training, and a few fisher folk hoping for a catch (trout i think???). the water here is warm (esp for a canadian lake) and clean. imagine the temp will be good for another few weeks. don't hesitate to shout if ya wanna roll out one evening...