Wednesday, December 26, 2012

goodbye 2012

saying goodbye to 2012 and can't say i'm too sad. 2013 is already shaping up to be a MONSTER!@#$%!!! lots of creative projects on the go and BIG goals to accomplish. there's a certified union on the horizon and work and travel in-and-around it all... always sharing the land. following dreams and dreaming more. at this tender time of the year, i'm once again disgusted by consumer culture. surprised, no, but trying to reduce waste and wasteful actions. it's the only way and order of the day. family and simple gestures of love trump all. and don't forget, the dollar record always gets more play than the "holy" grail resting on the shelf. always. so keep posing w/ your regurgitated trophy photos and revealing your true self. if you don't l-o-v-e music, go back to being a hockey card collector and let the real heads do their thing. in other news, cratery keeps on burning on and on... don't stop. my beard is getting whiter. as i get older, i'm not inspired by a lot of the people and things that used to stoke my fire. it's weird. and i gotta say this LOUD and CLEAR. i'm not like "you" or "that guy" you know who you "think" does the same thing as me. i'm blazing my own path. i'm turning shit up (to 11) and putting it out. i'm trudging through fields for a different type of war. i'm driving my whip. across this country. not in a cubicle or (always) glued to a screen. for the man. i'm pressing flesh. climbing ladders. looking you straight in the eye. taking short steps and continuing to learn from my elders. producing content, not simply spinning it (though i can do that too)... i am not alone. voluntary in nature. these are my people. you know who you are. we rap more mellow. PEACE


  1. i just met a stamp collector yesterday...