Saturday, November 24, 2012

Transmolecular sounds hit VIVO Media Arts

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By Gregory Adams,
Vancouver’s experimental Transmolecular collective runs the gamut from dub to electronic to folk, but the local musicians will band together this week for a group exhibition titled Offerations Vol. 1. The event takes place this Sunday (November 25) at VIVO Media Arts, and will feature audio and visual works created specifically for the program by Wzrdry A/V, Astrx, Galaxaburn, Sipreano, and Seekers International.
According to Seekers (aka Spencer Ocampo), the troupe has been prepping the show for years, and attempted something similar at the same venue back in the late ’90s, when it was dubbed the Video In. This time around, each artist is putting together their own 30-minute segment; Ocampo’s contribution meshes new work in the vein of his most recent dubby outing The Call From Below with visuals supplied by fellow Transmolecular member Mystery Forms.
“You’ll hear dub here, or funk here or there,” he said of the night’s anticipated soundscapes. “But it’s about trying to squeeze something else out of it than the usual, formulaic things. That’s been our m.o. for a while.”

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