Monday, December 3, 2012

redemption sessions

ok friends, here's the skinny... due to unforeseen technical issues at VIVO, our transmolecular offerations vol. 1 installation was cancelled 2 hours after projected "showtime." while we were extremely bummed, we gotta give a GIANT shout to the 60+ friends, family, and friendly supporters (yes, all in their sunday best!@#$%!!!) who represented (and demonstrated immense patience while VIVO tried to get their equipment in order... no hard feelings, onward and upward!!!). also wanna give BIG props to the georgia straight for their initial print and web media coverage (LOVE it!!!). thankfully, we have been given another date in lieu and that date is DECEMBER 12, 2012 (7-10 pm). w/ a single shot at redemption, we WON'T back down!!! transmolecular offerations vol. 1.2: redemption sessions will showcase original art, music, and visuals from SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL, WZRDRY A/V, ASTRX, GALAXABURN, and yours truly, SIPREANO. please tell your good peoples about this event. one for the books!@#$%!!!

*all of the artwork and merchandise (prints large and small, buttons, catalog, vinyl, tapes, CDs, etc...) will once again be available for purchase. most of these materials are strictly limited, so don't forget to bring some extra corn if you fancy such stuffs (for the deep dish archives??? XMAS gifts for that special space cadet in your life??? old-fashioned shopping addiction???)...

**ok, enough promotional poppycock, we will let the music and art speak for itself on the 12th. hope to see you there. PEACE!@#$%!!!

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