Tuesday, March 22, 2011

expose yourself (powell river)...

just got back from three life affirming days on the sunshine coast w/ "hot body" and dancing bear... we left early saturday morning to catch the first langdale bound ferry out of horseshoe bay and were followed along the journey by some heavy rainfall. still, by the time we pulled out of saltery bay en-route to powell river (aka "the power," sipreano ©) things were clearing up—hope!!! guess they call it the "sunshine coast" for a reason, eh??? excited by the promise of a super full moon that evening, we began enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes (quality foods represent!!!) of the region in preparation for the BIG event: expose yourself-an exhibition for exhibitionists. hosted at the future home of townsite brewing, the party not only featured a breadth of multi-media erotic art, but pole dancing, artisan crafts, a live performance by local supergroup godz ballz, food, drink, and even an oyster bar... yunno, the recipe for a good time!!! kamandi, dancing bear, and yours truly provided the vinyl soundtrack along w/ local DJ the chad. w/o spilling all of our dirty little secrets (*please join the caravan for the next go round!!!), here are some snaps of our trip in sacrifice to the voluntary in nature altar...

1. upon arrival (kamandi's backyard)

2. the shack

3. quality foods (aka heaven)

4. expose yourself

5. dancing bear (pineapple power) and kamandi (the phantom)

6. dancing bear and sipreano (over/trench coat)

7. aftermath

8. hard to say goodbye


  1. i wanna jump into a GIANT vat of that QF chow mein and eat my way out...

  2. Great snaps, that looks like a good proper space to DJ in, reminds me of the olde days kinda. Fckin QF damn...hilarious that it's not duplicatable in Vancouver...in a restaurant maybe, but not in a supermarket.

  3. it's like i'm still there...
    i second that chow mein emotion!

  4. thanks decaf!!! hit that trough twice...
    is that yer eye speaking D???