Monday, March 7, 2011

abruzzo pizza

abruzzo pizza (9010 yonge street, richmond hill) was my first pizza experience as a north york-born child. considering how much 'za i've consumed in my thirty-six years, a BIG deal (round here anyways). but back to the start. my family lived not far away from abruzzo in the mid-to-late 70s and i recall the steaming cardboard boxes and regal logo (a card-like Queen???). though i believe there was a change of ownership at some point, it was with great anticipation that i returned late last year for another slice... the taste??? fantastic!!! though i avoided dipping my crust into coke as i used to do as a child, each piece was warm, comforting, and as delicious as i remembered. great work folks!!! do yourself a favour, enjoy some pizza soon!!!


  1. i intend to enjoy some pizza very soon... perhaps a birthday pizza party???

  2. I'm always thinking about pizza, so Abruzzo comes up a lot for me. It was SO good! This still-life doesn't do it justice but I do love the way the pan is bent on the right side, like a mouth saying...feed meeeeeee pizzaaa.

    Pizza Party fo sho!

  3. caribbean madness???

  4. hahaha! i was just looking at their website earlier!
    some dope looking pies, for sure...
    maybe we should get kelly to have another pizza party!

  5. I used to love this place. Not sure if it will be around anymore...LOL