Monday, March 7, 2011

the blend (strombo show) - birdapres edition

wow, very hype to link this incredible "blend" mix by winnipeg's own birdapres (via east van of course). bird is an incredible rapper, friend, and beat digger supreme. peep the technique. frankenstein into doug randle?!@#$%!!! evolution's blend... CDN synth-pioneer ralph dyck + exclusive rap. DAMN!!! schooling the CBC on their own product (w/ a healthy dose of reverence)...  do they even know??? does it really matter??? i think so... and clearly, i am not alone. so here's to the artists, here's to the brand. let's share and preserve our crucial forgotten history, the past's present and future plan...


  1. BIG props to the strombo show for airing this slice of musical madness!!! great work folks!!!