Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Recording of Willie Thrasher

*Wow, how the time truly flies... In 2015, director Adam O. Thomas and Simon Fraser University's Director of Community Engagement Am Johal produced a documentary on the life of Inuvialuit singer-songwriter Willie Thrasher. This coming Friday sees the world premiere of "The Recording of Willie Thrasher" at SFU Woodward's (along w/ a live performance from Willie and his singing partner Linda Saddleback). I graduated from SFU in 1996 and am extremely proud to have been a part of this project which has brought generations, cultures, and eras of technology closer together in this often disconnected era. Please join us if you can...

More info here!

Willie's 1981 Spirit Child LP available here!

**I'm also excited to report that we have been working on some new recordings w/ Willie including a special tribute to one of Canada's finest songwriters. More on that soon. Until then, keep your ears to the ground...


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